Is curious: the menu for weight loss and extension of muscles

Published: 19.8.2017
a sports diet for men: the menu for weight loss and extension of muscles

Before radically changing the habits, it is necessary to remember that the diet is not the list of the restrictions bringing an organism to exhaustion by starvation. More likely, it is the set of recommendations about the choice of products for the daily menu, to a technique of their processing and an optimal variant of combination. The diet for men for weight loss, as well as any other, should not bring discomfort and be followed by unpleasant feelings. If process of disposal of excess weight causes only negative emotions, the advantage of it will not be. Instead of desirable figures on scales and press cubes gastritis against the background of a nervous breakdown will become a result.

Probably, there is no need to mention various semi-finished products and ready-made products created by addition of preservatives, dyes and stabilizers. Their presence at the daily menu is not just harmful, and it is dangerous to any organism.

If you have not enough time for weight loss, then you can suit a similar express diet, but it is better to move after all in other direction - namely, to reconstruct the food, having removed from it harmful high-calorific dishes and having added some fresh healthy food to the maximum. It will allow gradually, but forever to normalize weight and in general to revitalize an organism.

Any man can make for himself a suitable and effective diet, based on the listed recommendations. But process of weight loss can be accelerated still if to address one of ready "recipes".

(Soy and nuts dishes are the cornerstone of approach. These products are rich with easily acquired protein and useful fats. If to follow the rules, then it is possible to count on impressive shifts in respect of weight loss, increase in muscle bulk, improvement of basic indicators.)

That not to allow it, it is necessary to remember the basic principles of weight loss developed by specialists in food for men:

Experts are not tired to remind that the diets used for weight loss can be used only on condition of lack of contraindications from bodies and systems. If there are suspicions on presence of any pathologies, it is necessary to undergo inspection and to coordinate a profile action with the doctor.

Actually, even the most strict men's diet intended for improvement of an organism or weight loss is much more democratic than female analogs. It is explained by the accelerated metabolism at men, the increased need of fabrics for energy, more intensive hormonal processes which influence synthesis of enzymes. By the way, for this reason for men it is not recommended to resort to "female" diets, they can be for them too "aggressive".

There are nuances which respect allows to expect faster and lasting positive effect:

By drawing up the present men's menu it is not enough to be guided by lists with the recommended products. If not to know what dishes and ingredients need to be excluded from a diet, positive shifts it is necessary to wait very long. Fortunately, under the ban not so many components get:

Several years ago the diet for men was considered as a prerogative of athletes, today the relation to specialized food radically exchanged. Men even more often think of the health and of external appeal for the sake of what they readily go for restrictions in food.

Good help in this case are sports activities and refusal of addictions - however it is not a guarantee of weight loss to the necessary figures and disposal of a number of unpleasant chronic states yet. The balanced and good nutrition is one of the main conditions of formation of a beautiful and sound body, and to follow its rules absolutely not so difficult as it seems. That as fast as possible and without risks to adjust work of the organism in a new way, it is possible to use our recommendations. Then positive changes will not keep themselves waiting.


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