Novelty: the project of the bigdog robot by request of darpa is officially closed

Published: 3.1.2019
the project of the bigdog robot by request of DARPA is officially closed

The LS3 robot better known to us under the name of BigDog, "retires". Despite the laid hopes and dreams that once BigDog will become a peculiar mechanical mule for carrying of various equipment of the American soldiers in the battlefield this robot is recognized as outdated. And still too loud in work.

Most likely, the heritage of BigDog and Spot will proceed, and we will be able to see more perfect and modern samples of robotics. New technologies in this sphere lately develop with great strides therefore it is not necessary to doubt new versions. However It should be noted that if developments and continue, then they will be sent, most likely, already to the civil course. Let's remind that the owner of Boston Dynamics is now "the company Google is kind".

"Those conditions in which this robot could be used would be for him too difficult", & #8212; Kyle Olson, the representative of the American military laboratory Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) notes.

"We like to work with strange and unusual things. We learned much thanks to this work and definitely we will learn bigger", & #8212; Olson speaks.

It is difficult not to agree. Noise from the robot costs same, as from the lawn-mower. Even very high grass will not be able to hide it. Nevertheless development was very interesting. The robot is capable to transfer to 181 kilograms of a payload, to move on quite difficult area and has very high level of stability (especially the Spot robot who is reduced versions capable to transfer less freights, but at the same time the possessing bigger mobility, than BigDog).

The early version of this quadruped robot was for the first time shown by the robotic company Boston Dynamics in 2008. In 2010 became interested in the project in DARPA (the agency of the advanced defense research projects of the USA). 32 million dollars were allocated for continuation of development. In 2012 the robot was renamed into AlphaDog, however among the population still popular was a name BigDog. Development of the project was monitored by many enthusiasts of robotics from around the world. However on a threshold of 2016 the American army decided to wind down this project.

"The facts are obvious: it is too loud. Therefore, the potential opponent will be able easily to find it".

Further developments of military versions of mechanical intelligence agents (which Spot is) and carriers (which BigDog is), most likely, will be made by forces of military or other contract organizations.


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