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Published: 1.1.2019
registration by tulle of windows of the living room: art of creation of effective design

The living room - the place where in holidays the family at a table where meet friends gathers and is discussed by current affairs. Therefore the design of the living room has to be not just stylish, but also the coziest. And the important part is assigned to registration of windows by curtains.

the Large and saturated drawing will tire with

eyes, and small will be lost in the spacious room and will make an impression of careless curtains. The small drawing will be suitable for registration by window tulle in the bedroom more.

At bright curtains or with the drawing it is better to give preference to light and monophonic tulle; Opaque material will perfectly fit into a strict interior, and glossy organza will be suitable for vanguard or an empire style more; Openwork tulle - the ideal decision in style of rococo. The flower drawing will perfectly add a country, and the metal shade is more preferable to hi-tech; Indoors with the windows coming to the North the shortage of light is constantly felt. In this case it is recommended to decorate windows only tyulyyu, avoiding dense heavy portieres; The Room saturated with light is made out light tulle and the Roman curtains; When the window in the living room is combined with a balcony door, it is possible to execute a decor asymmetric curtains with the lacy drawing; As a rule, long curtains mask the electric heater. If the battery is hidden behind the panel, it is possible to experiment with short curtains; In the spacious living room 2 windows divided by a small pier are often placed. In this case registration of windows can be executed, using a uniform set; The Pier is closed length a curtain, and by windows - short curtains from organza of white color. It gives the chance to add a decor with graceful cachepots with the flowers located on a window sill. By the way, in registration of the close kitchen room it is also recommended to use short curtains and pots with flowers; One window occupying practically all wall is decorated the translucent tulle, a lambrequin and portieres which are tied up by original knots; Bay windows decorate with fabric, choosing the rounded smooth lines, and standard rectangular apertures - a scope for the original idea with geometrical forms; In the small shaded living rooms or, for example, in the bedroom it is possible to do also without tulle, using only easy light portieres; It is possible to execute registration by tulle curtains of a kitchen window or the living room seasonally. So, it is recommended to give in the winter and in the fall preference to light monophonic fabrics, and in the spring and in the summer - to rather dense tulle with the large drawing and a bright color palette. Registration by curtains - true art which requires sense of style and moderation. If the owner has these qualities and is allocated with imagination, you should not buy ready sets of curtains, it is better to try to turn own ideas into reality.

It is extraordinary gentle and magnificent material of which like to form effective folds. That folds looked really smartly, it is recommended not to stint and buy fabrics 2-3 times bigger, than length of window eaves demands.

Except the invoice of material tulle is differentiated on a way of fastening. It can be registration of a lambrequin, tie, loop and eyelets. Anyway material has to look harmoniously with curtains and not be beaten out from the general style of the living room.

When curtains with the drawing are selected, it is better to stop the choice on a monophonic muslin. However today it is possible to buy ready sets with the general pattern.

Several recommendations will help to pick up competently tulle for the living room, as much as possible using the invoice and a coloring of gentle fabric:

There are several types of tulle, each of which can successfully be applied to dressing:

The range of a veil is various. Even if it is decided to use in registration of a window of the living room tulle of fabric of a monophonic coloring, the choice is extremely broad. Therefore often the veil is used as the main background and combined with figured curtains. It becomes frequent a veil base for drawing the stuffed drawing and a difficult embroidery.

Quite often organza is decorated with the embroidery executed in flower motives. Such fabric perfectly is suitable for the room executed in romantic style. However and here it is required to adhere to "golden mean".

For production of fabrics use both natural fibers, and modern synthetic:

The muslin - perfectly complements classical registration with tulle of windows. It can be applied not only in combination with a drapery other materials, but also as quite independent element of a decor.

Modern organza is made of the 2nd fibers twisted together. Most often for this purpose use silk, viscose or polyester. The similar technology allows to receive really graceful tulle which perfectly is suitable for a drapery as keeps a form.

Therefore before registration of windows curtains and tulle it is necessary to develop the concept of the general interior design of the room and only then to select fabric, trying to hide shortcomings with its help and also to effectively emphasize living room advantages. For example, dark material can even make the spacious living room visually less, and light, on the contrary, to increase space.


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