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Published: 5.1.2019
differences of mood

Female nature is very difficult for understanding. Women cannot sometimes give the account why they behave anyway. But it is the fact that during critical days even the quietest and adequate woman can go into hysterics or feel despair. And it is not a way of manipulation or auto-suggestion, and physiological changes in an organism about which all should know at all.

& #169; Depositphotosizmeneniye of a pamyatid, critical days affect even memory. In the first half of a cycle in an organism the level of hormone of estrogen which promotes increase in gray substance increases. Women during this period begin to remember information better. And that the most important - for a long time. So do not salt to the lady at this time, otherwise will remember well.

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Also we told what cannot be done during periods.

& #169; DepositPhotos

& #169; DepositPhotos

Here such unusual female body. Of course, far at not at all the mood sharply changes. But, when it occurs, fault to all physiology. And if, besides the period of critical days, at you the mood often changes, quickly leave forces and you feel drowsiness, it is necessary to make the test on hormones. In 90% of cases the reason is in their imbalance.

The editorial office "So Simply!" will tell why the behavior of the woman sometimes becomes intolerable during critical days.

& #169; Depositphotoszhelaniye a plakattrevozhny state in the period of periods can provoke desire to cry. Besides, because of the improved memory old offenses even more often can occur to the woman.

Differences of mood

& #169; DepositPhotos

So very often women during monthly shout, take offense and finger nerves to people around absolutely unconsciously.

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