Amusing : an exercise complex for improvement of sight

Published: 7.1.2019
exercises for eyes: an exercise complex for improvement of sight

The physical culture includes:

In the beginning it is possible to see indistinct bright figures and outlines. It is necessary to wait until they completely disappear and will be replaced by utter darkness. At this time it is desirable to think of something pleasant to reach the maximum relaxation. Eyes will test at the same time the pleasant heat proceeding from palms.

It is important to understand that for sight it is useful to do exercises in several approaches as too big intensity and repeated repetitions for once will render boomerang effect.

As you can see, exercises for eyes are quite simple and will not demand from you a large number of time. It is desirable to carry out such complex daily, and at full-time employment at the computer - twice a day. Upon completion of each exercise do not forget to take a break during which eyes can be blinked or just to close them and to relax.

This exercise continues the complex directed to relaxation. In the course of its performance it is possible to feel how light heat shrouds eyes and pleasantly warms up them.

From the first to do such procedure sometimes a little difficult. But do not despair - thanks to repetitions you will be able to reach the desirable. Several trainings will allow to relax eyebrows, and further they will not put pressure upon muscles of organs of vision any more.

At the first feelings of fatigue it is necessary to postpone all affairs, to blink and relax a little muscles by means of the above described exercise.

The similar option of carrying out this process looks as follows: to a nose bridge we bring a finger and it is attentively considered each fold. 10-15 seconds later we transfer a look regarding which will be located at distance of 40 cm. We are focused on it and it is attentively considered. For restoration of sight this exercise is very important.

In certain cases it is not possible to make this exercise in due form, for example, when you are in a workplace. In such situation it is possible to use analogy - to focus a look on any subject located in the distance then to transfer eyes to the palm. It is necessary to look at each object for 15 seconds.

This stage plays a key role in all complex of physical culture for sight as during an overstrain of eyes of an eyebrow as if hang over an upper eyelid, providing thereby additional loading. Relaxation can achieve, having made the following. Raise eyebrows most highly - now it is possible to feel how ears strained. Remember this feeling. Now try to reproduce it, but already without participation of nadbrovny arches.

In the course of carrying out this exercise it is possible to feel involuntary vibration of eyes - it deep muscles work.

Exercises for eyes include also the exercise directed to improvement of fast focusing on a subject. It allows to develop sight, to correct it and even more to aggravate.

As well as any kind of gymnastics, physical culture for eyes will bring the expected result only on condition of regular and its long execution. It is intended for a training and restoration of visual muscles and also for improvement of their functions. It is excellent prevention of diseases of eyes, especially when those experience constant loads.

Such occupations should be repeated daily. Even minor improvement will say about what all of you do correctly and you should not stop. The expected result can be achieved only provided that you will be engaged in this physical culture and further.

It is desirable to break all complex into stages, each of which will be carried out for day through approximately equal periods. Between exercises it is necessary to take a break during which it is necessary to blink often. Thus you will be able to provide gradual process of recovery of work of eye muscles and sight.

Thanks to this training there is a correction of sight, and muscles begin to work at full capacity. It is necessary to present the round dial of hours, its "center" at the same time has to be located directly before your eyes. Translate a view of the first figure, return it to a starting position. The head has to be motionless. You look serially at each figure located on the imagined dial and later you transfer a look to the central point again.

Often problems with sight arise owing to long stay in front of the computer monitor. Many of us use this device almost daily - some owing to working need, others at private use. Eyes are in tension and as a result are tired. In such situations rest which will help to prevent dryness and reddening of mucous is necessary for organs of vision. For removal of fatigue there are special exercises for eyes. Exercises are quite simple and will be clear to everyone, and for their realization it is enough to spend only several minutes a day.

For restoration of vigilance carry out exercise under the name "Tag on Glass".

Such exercises for restoration of muscle work of eyes have to repeat from the first to the last figure, at first clockwise, then against it.

But when carrying out a complex it is necessary to consider the following - it is extremely undesirable to allow too strong overfatigue of eyes.

We continue charging for improvement of sight by exercise which is necessary for removal of tension which collected for all day:

Charging for improvement of sight, as well as the full-fledged physical training, demands preliminary warm-up of muscles. It is important as during its carrying out eyes will be able to adapt to the forthcoming loadings that will allow to expect the fastest improvement of their functions.


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