Novelty: the district house of folk art - a leader on maintaining original culture

Published: 15.9.2018
the district house of folk art-a leader on maintaining original culture

In Yugra the 60 anniversary was celebrated by the District house of folk art. Within the anniversary in Khanty-Mansiysk there passed the cycle of actions on which activities of establishment for maintaining original culture of the people of Yugra were presented. Within the anniversary actions in the district capital the presentation of the "center" of the Russian culture, the district "center" of culture of the Ob-Ugrian people, district school of masters in production and playing musical instruments of the Ob-Ugrian people, district school of bear merrymakings took place and also there took place the congress of directors of cultural and leisure institutions of the municipal units of Yugra. Besides, anniversary brought together representatives of several generations of workers whose life was connected with development of folk art in the autonomous area in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The district House of folk art is created in June, 1957. During the existence establishment repeatedly changed the name. And in March of this year returned it the initial name - "District House of Folk Art".


& #8212; We do everything to help the province because the culture of Russia, is the culture of the Russian province, & #8212; Tamara Purtova, the director of the State Russian House of folk art of V.D. Polenov (Moscow) & #8212 noted at a congress of directors; And it is, in turn, national culture and amateur art. Your establishment bright to that confirmation. You the first thought up a festival Ded Morozov, you do a lot of work on promotion and maintaining national cultures to national and international work. Your forum "Dialogue of Cultures" won the All-Russian popularity. Your bright feature is belonging to Finno-Ugric culture, Yugra & #8212; the most remote region from the "center", from the Northwest, from Europe in which the Finno-Ugric people live.


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