at the request of chitaty: rest with children samostoyatelnos the child at the airport

Published: 13.9.2018
rest with children samostoyatelnos the child at the airport

If took with themselves the camera, suggest it to work as the press photographer and make the whole series of pictures for the house report on a travel.

We very often wait for the flight in the room for parents with children, there and the TV is and is cozy there. It after all is thought well up.

Small children are very mobile therefore try to give them an opportunity to run about, jump where it will not annoy other passengers and service staff of the airport.

With the child at the airport it is possible to spend time with advantage if to think of leisure in advance. Take with yourself or buy the developing children's toy in a zone of duty-free trade, think up for the child logical games or competitions with bonuses and surprises.

On registration procedure you can jump the line as with the child at the airport you receive this pleasant privilege automatically. By the way, the airline needs to declare itself some of the first to count on more convenient locations in the forefront (there a little more place for legs; besides there is an opportunity to suspend a special children's cradle if the weight of your kid is less than 10-12 kg - it needs to be ordered and reserved separately and beforehand). There were cases when because of late registration parents with children had to sit in the different ends of the plane, it, you see, is very inconvenient. Except more comfortable, and, above all, the neighboring places, at registration it is possible to try to order and special baby food for children is more senior than year which you will be given to flight time.

Of course, he will like to watch from a balcony or the special observation platform as modern powerful airliners fly up and sit down.

If you plan to spend a long time in the airport building, in advance take an interest on the website of airline or just on the Internet about existence of rooms for parents with children (usually they are called rooms of mother and child). In most cases the medical certificate so some of the first should find for a first-aid post is necessary for visit of such places not to return behind medical permission and not to wander from the floor on the floor, with baggage and with the child at the airport.

The room of mother and child allows to pass away waiting time. There are comfortable bedrooms with cribs (only about an empty seat it is necessary to agree with the administrator at once on arrival) and small stools for mothers. The senior children will be able to warm up in spacious game rooms with various toys and the big TV for viewing of animated cartoons.

If you thought in advance of baby food, then will be able to feed the child in a kitchen compartment. There is an opportunity to warm food, to make tea or drinks.

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In waiting rooms there are always a lot of information booklets, brochures and cards - suggest the kid to collect from them own real collection.

If necessary it is possible to put the child in order in the bathing or toilet room, to replace pampers, to change clothes for fresh clothes.

Also little shops with souvenirs and goodies are not less interesting to children. Therefore provide in expenses the small sum on small purchases.

Do not forget also about safety: in crowd it is easy to lose the child from a look if to release it too far one; the kid can fall on a slippery floor or be wounded. Provide similar situations, having taken medical dressing means from the house.

Learn an operating mode from the administrator of the room: when they have a quiet time, time of opening and closing, or they accept children round the clock and also conditions of stay and a procedure for payment of services. Usually to one adult and one child no more day allows to use free of charge the room of mother and child. But anyway it is necessary to specify rules as they can differ in different terminals even for one airport.

Having solved all preflight problems, you can think also of the organization of the remained free time. Having handed over things to the luggage compartment or a left-luggage office, you can organize to the child the real excursion on the airport building.

Having much enjoyed an unusual show, you can visit the "center"s of rest for passengers, cultural exhibitions (if your airport is rather big to provide such program to passengers).

It is necessary to begin a travel to the airport with a good stock of time as by the time of arrival you have to have several minutes before registration to manage to use the toilet room, and not to be distracted by satisfaction of children's physiological requirements at an inopportune moment.

Thanks for councils how to entertain the kid at the airport as I will present what is the time my daughter will toil, it becomes even terrible and still a great idea & #8212; a piece of paper with a name and a surname of the child, as it at me such fidget.

Also the piece of paper with a name and a surname of the child and also number of your flight put in a pocket of a children's jacket will be not superfluous. Perhaps, this precaution will seem to you excessive, but all this is better, than to endure disturbing minutes of nervousness if at the airport something happens to the child, it will get lost or will be lost.

If means and time allow, have a bite at restaurant. It in itself will be the real event for the small child, and will give you confidence that the full kid will endure more quietly the hardships of expectation and long flight.

In general, at parents with children air flights and stay in the building of air terminal have to leave pleasant memories, airlines and service staff of the airport seek to make travel for all passengers the most comfortable.


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