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Published: 17.9.2018
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The black cat since ancient times was considered in Russia as a special being. Here at least to take a sign about it and the road which is known by all. And not for nothing say that witches hold a cat of such color as the assistant. Many people just avoid it, even those which do not trust superstitions. Probably, in fauna this queen of grace as if number "13" in the world of figures.

If two black cats dreamed

, it is necessary to wait for troubles twice bigger. Here it is worth being especially accurate. To kill cats in a dream, so successfully to cope with problems.

Often it becomes unconsciously, but the fact remains therefore it is necessary to take in attention visit by this being of our human kingdom of Morpheus, interpretation of dreams can sometimes be very useful.

To what the black cat who caresses dreams?

Also very often any animal characterizes the loved one, the friend. The stolen a march cat means treachery, perhaps, shortly the friend will betray or will offend.

If interests to what the dead black cat dreams, then on this question there is no definite answer. Dream book by Miller prompts that the dead cat promises a victory over the enemy, and here if snovidets kills a black kitten, then it means omission of happy chance.

And here the bare, wounded cat who caresses in a dream is deciphered as a request for the help of the loved one. You should not neglect this sign, perhaps, near snovidets there is a person who urgently needs the help, here only cannot cross through the pride and ask openly about it. You should not worry if in a dream it was not succeeded to cope with aggression of an animal.

If the adult animal kills in a dream other person, so sleeping someone will help with real life to cope with his problems.

It only prevention, having used which it is possible "to come off clear".

It is present at their life always therefore this symbol in interpretation lost for them any sacrality. And those who wants to know to what the black cat who attacks dreams should read further. In many popular dream books this animal does not promise happiness, representing an image of the enemy.

Here to define the main thing what actions she made:

Perhaps, the only people who can close eyes to such dream are owners of this animal.


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