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Published: 29.1.2018
thoughts of the true female beauty

The concept is not connected by the truth of beauty with external characteristics at all. There are women who even with physical defect cause admiration and awe in men. These women have special aura which is invisible to a usual eye, but it can be felt. Statements about the true female beauty with which it is impossible поспорить…

"True beauty of the woman - in health, in ability to be vigorous". Jane Fonda

"The woman is beautiful as a flower. And each flower has to be a little dismissed". Eva Longoria

"Does nothing the woman of more beautiful, than belief that it is beautiful". Sophia Loren

"The most beautiful face in the world - yours". Estee Lauder

"Beauty is when you are oneself". Jean Paul Gaultier

"As I feel, much more important, than how I look. Confidence is that to you it is comfortable in own body - here that really makes you beautiful". Bobbi Brown

"Beauty of soul spreads like mysterious light on corporal beauty". Victor Hugo

"Beauty is a wisdom of the woman. The wisdom is beauty of the man". Chinese proverb

"The love to beauty is a taste. Creation of beauty is an art". Ralf Waldo Emerson

"In a pursuit of standards of beauty it is possible to miss true happiness". Salma Hayek

"Only beauty which is combined with modesty has the right to be called beauty. Beauty without modesty is not beauty, and only prettiness". Miguel de Cervantes.

"Female beauty - not in the form of the person, not in clothes which she wears and not in a hairstyle. The true female beauty is reflected in soul, it is shown in how passionately the woman gives the love. Female beauty grows over the years". Audret Hepburn

"There is no work heavier, than to try to look beautiful from eight in the morning till midnight". Brigitte Bardot

"Beauty of the person consists in richness of its distinctions". Lara Fabian

"Why woman there is a lot of time and means give to the appearance, but not development of intelligence? Because blind men much less, than clever". Faina Ranevskaya

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"Looking at the beautiful woman, I cannot but be over head and ears in love with her, I from her. It as the lightning stroke also lasts as much: moment". Jules Renard

"Beauty is some kind of shine. People who have true internal beauty are brighter than their eye, their skin which was more moisturized. They vibrate at other frequency". Cameron Diaz


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