From our readers: answers to questions about Nha Trang Vietnam

Published: 27.1.2018
answers to questions about Nha Trang Vietnam

We will consider answers to questions whether it is worth going to Nha Trang in June, July or August when the rainy season in Vietnam in Nha Trang begins, whether the clean sea in Nha Trang what temperature in Nha Trang in June, July and August.

of Pagodas in Nha Trang more than 15!

If you are interested in weather in Nha Trang in the summer, then will be solar. Perhaps, for 10 days of a holiday 1-2 cloudy days or even a rain within half an hour will drop out. It will hardly sadden your rest. So it is worth going to Nha Trang in July, June or August.

It depends on a current. Can be clean, muddy in the morning during the lunchtime. In the summer the sea in Nha Trang, most often, clean.

Tasty mango not only yellow, but also green. Try different grades and you will pick up that it is necessary for you. In the world about 70 grades of mango!

Nha Trang is in the bay surrounded with mountains, in the summer of rains here practically does not happen. A rainy season in Nha Trang not in the summer.

It's not true. Not all Vietnamese poor people, many drive expensive cars and live better us. As well as everywhere, in Nha Trang there are rich and the poor.

Allow to leave the impressions here. Only having arrived in Vietnam, in particular Nha Trang, the first thoughts were: & #187; And how here to have a rest? Lot of the people. Vanity. Constantly the sound of signals does not become silent. Closeness. Heat. All something shout. Somewhat quicker 2 weeks of rest, and next time to habitual Egypt, Turkey, or in connection with a political situation - their аналоги» would fly by;. And here the first walk, the second. The sea, local attractions, excursions, acquaintance to local mentality and you begin to be involved. The first acquaintance to local cuisine, the first & #171; заход» on the local beach, first test of exotic fruit about which existence even did not suspect. Coconut milk, local rum, amazing massage. And beer & #171; Сайгон» it seemed to me one of the best that I drank. And here several days behind and you already & #171; swings on волнах» local way and understanding of stay here. You begin to receive a high really. You begin to distinguish slowly Chinese from Vietnamese) you open new places for yourself, besides excursions. Honestly I admit, probably we were lucky can be, it is slightly more than to other tourists because we were lucky to be accepted in local family and we managed to see many moments of life local from within, but believe me, at all it did not introduce tar in a honey barrel from the what was seen tested and tried, and even in accuracy on the contrary. And here 2 weeks of rest later, understanding what tomorrow to leave, you begin to long in advance because a part you remained here, and a small particle of Vietnam already in you. And small envy for those who only ask questions that there and as, in this country where they are only going to fly. These people have so many time to open for themselves, this wonderful region! Vietnam, Nha Trang, wait! Whose hearts are won by you, surely still there will return!

Nha Trang & #8212; the city is tourist, all of us know it. Many tourists incorrectly imagine this resort. Top-10 delusions from lips of tourists in Nha Trang, in Vietnam:


In the Vietnamese quarters food is cheaper and more tasty.

Too a popular question at those who ask, whether the clean sea Nha Trang. If someone throws out a package in the sea, it will float there. Then will carry away it a current.

Meteosensors are on the mountain, there almost always rains and fog.

So, today we learned about, whether the clean sea Nha Trang, what temperature in Nha Trang in June and whether it is worth going to Nha Trang in June. If Nha Trang is interesting to you, I advise also to read popular articles:

The most stuffy month in Nha Trang, in my opinion, is May. Temperature usually 30-32 degrees, but it not such 30 degrees, as in Moscow. Everything smoothes a sea breeze. Average temperature in Nha Trang in June of 28 degrees.

In Nha Trang a rainy season from November to January.

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In the south of Nha Trang the beach clean. Every evening the special tractor sifts all sand through a sieve. I advise to read article about the best beaches of Nha Trang.

I thank children from Vietnam for the help in preparation of this heading about Nha Trang & #8212;

Coffee in packings from 50.0000 & #8212; to 70.0000 & #8212; it is not coffee, but coffee drink with soy addition.

Hat-ba and I RESORT dirt is located behind the bridge in the north, and 100 eggs are in the south. In the city there are a lot of very interesting places, you just leave in the Vietnamese quarters at once and walk there.


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