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Published: 1.2.2018
a celery at pregnancy: advantage or harm, properties

Dietitians recognize that the advantage of this plant is invaluable to an organism. The celery is perfectly acquired and effectively removes toxins and slags. Also juice of a plant promotes weight loss as at low calorie content in a product, the organism spends twice more energy for its processing. It is possible to list useful properties of a celery infinitely, but in the use of a plant there are also contraindications - pregnancy.

as ointment sorcerers of the whole world use plant leaves. Preparation of ointment requires natural butter. It should be pounded together with celery leaves. Ointment is used at treatment of arthritis, polyarthritis, allergic urticaria. In order that it is better to know usefulness of a celery, it is worth studying once again attentively structure of its leaves and roots.

Besides the main contraindication the celery introduces also side effects, for example, a meteorizm (gas generation).

During the research of structure of a plant, scientists came to conclusions that the main making substance can harmful affect development of a fruit in mother's womb: to strengthen the probability of abortions and spontaneous childbirth. There is a number of reasonable proofs which answer the question "whether it is possible to eat a celery at pregnancy" unambiguously: it is impossible.

Are a part of roots:

The main rule which it conforms to be guided at treatment by this plant - "not to do much harm and not to abuse".

Celery juice will help to cope with allergic rashes on a body.

It is possible to list merits of an odorous celery long.

The squeezed-out juice is taken by three times a day according to 1 h to a spoon for half an hour before meal;

At pregnancy and a lactation even fresh juices with addition of a celery in the form of spice are not recommended. The child can absorb allergen together with breast milk. However the plant is famous for the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components. Therefore as a part of ointment the celery is not dangerous even to pregnant women.

Seeds of a celery of 1 tablespoon on 2 glasses of boiled water. To insist 2 hours then to accept on a tablespoon three times a day. Helps to cope with excessive adjournment of salts in an organism.

To fill in a half of a spoon of the wiped leaves with one glass of abrupt boiled water. To settle not boiled broth of 8-10 hours. To drink on one tablespoon four times a day lasting one month;

And the pregnant woman from this product as it became clear, it is necessary to refrain temporarily.

Therefore, consumption of tincture from leaves of a celery prolongs youth. The celery is necessary for women in a diet, excepting pregnancy and the period of feeding. In other cases a number of the recipes offered below will help to keep good health, but also, to safely endure a climax.

Besides, as a part of a plant there are components, are capable to cause an allergy in future child. Therefore you should not use a celery at pregnancy and during feeding by a breast not to do to the kid harm.

To boil liter of water and to allow to cool down. To wipe and fill in 30 g of a root with the cooled-down water, to allow to infuse 8 hours. Then to filter and use three times a day according to 1 h to a spoon. It is recommended to the people having insomnia and uneasy dreams as demulcent;

As a part of leaves besides other ingredients carotene contains.

It would seem why such useful and fresh product needs to be excluded during the important vital period when load of an organism is twice more also to the woman as air healthy food is necessary?

Roots carefully crush and fill in with abrupt boiled water. A proportion 2 to 4. Insist under densely closed cover about four hours. The filtered consistence is accepted by 3 - 4 times day on a tablespoon before food. Helps at treatment of arthritises, rheumatism, diseases of joints, a varicosity;


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