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Published: 3.2.2018
plasticity of lips: planimetric, surgical indications, contraindications to plasticity

Lips - one of the woman's "oruzhiya" thanks to which it strikes representatives of an opposite sex attracts attention from people around. Even lips with a beautiful form can lose the appeal eventually, forcing the owner to look for ways of giving of former magnificence to them. Often usual cosmetics are not enough therefore the plasticity of lips comes to the rescue.

In certain cases it becomes in connection with the defects acquired owing to traumatism or congenital. Ways of correction allow to give to lips a new look or to return beauty lost by them. There are several types of plasticity which choice depends on the initial state and the purposes which are put before the procedure.

More radical method, than planimetric, the surgical plasticity of lips allowing not only to change a shape of lips, but also to get rid of hems, accretions in corners of a mouth, papillomas, an otvisaniye, cysts is. With application of this procedure it is possible to reduce lips if they seem to you too chubby. By means of surgical plasticity it is possible to transplant own fabrics if on that is indications.

Plasticity of lips, whatever of ways, you chose, surely consult with the doctor before the procedure.

Before the procedure the test which will allow to find out whether there is no allergy to fillers has to be carried out. If that it is not revealed, the prick is entered, but local anesthesia becomes before.

During the first several days try to sleep on a back in order to avoid contact of lips with a pillow. Avoid visit of a sauna, a bath, serious physical activities.

The procedure is not recommended to be made in some cases among which there are following states:

Surgery for children is carried out in several steps:

This difference is connected with the fact that various manufacturers use the main component in different concentration.

It can be located too low or too highly, violating thereby the speech and preventing normal formation of a bite.

Main objectives of operation are:

In the first day after the procedure try to give to the lips rest - refrain from wide smiles, excessive activity of this area, otherwise the injected drug can be displaced. Use only the creams recommended by the cosmetologist, ointments, and refuse others.

Some producers constantly work on improvement of fillers that too affects their cost.

They are divided into two categories:

At plasticity of lips with use of hyaluronic acid and other fillers there can be complications.

The anomaly at the child is noticeable from the first day of his life. Operation is usually appointed on 4-6 month from the date of its birth. Sometimes it is carried out at earlier age - on the first month of life, but it is dangerous and not so productive.

The majority of fillers (fillers for injections) have hyaluronic acid in a basis, as causes both their advantages, and shortcomings. It is possible to enter the fact that the origin of filler is not an animal therefore it does not cause an allergy in the list of the first, it is not torn away from an organism. One more advantage of injections with fillers is that filler breaks up over time then it is removed naturally.

In their list there can be problem skin, a lack of fabric of a certain zone. Now this branch of surgery is developed so that does possible elimination practically of any sort of defects. The gained effect remains for the rest of life (only age changes can be shown over time), and from operation there is almost imperceptible trace.

Many who resort to planimetric plasticity of lips with use of fillers are confused by the cost of fillers which can differ markedly depending on the producer.

Also problems with the lower bridle can be observed. Their list includes its total absence, paired relationship of body, the wrong arrangement, insufficient length. All these defects lead not only to esthetic problems, but also to violation of the speech, dental diseases. In this case the plasticity of a bridle of a lower lip which is usually appointed in 7-9 years is made. At this age the bite is not created yet therefore after operation there is possible its correct development.

The plastic surgery is applicable also to children. The indication to it is the crevice of an upper lip.

This method of correction suits those who do not wish to be exposed to surgery, but wants to give to the lips a new contour, the form, to make them more volume, expressive and sensual, to get rid of wrinkles. Planimetric correction of lips assumes introduction of injections from which there is no trace left, and the effect is noticeable at once after holding a procedure.

Also the plasticity of a bridle of an upper lip which defects are shown at children too is used. Anomalies can be noticeable not at once at the birth and when over time parents or the logopedist notice that it is heavy to child to speak, pay attention to a bridle which quite often and is to that the reason.

If you decided on planimetric plasticity with hyaluronic acid or other fillers for injections, consider such moments.

The same fact is also a lack of planimetric plasticity. The organism perceives hyaluronic acid as natural substance which it destroys over time owing to what the effect of the procedure lasts no more than 1 year.

It is possible to resort to this procedure under various circumstances, but most often it becomes in the following cases:

Except fillers with hyaluronic acid in a basis collagen, polymeric gels can be also used.


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