New : fitness recipes of the healthy and healthy nutrition at trainings

Published: 1.12.2018
fitness recipes of the healthy and healthy nutrition at trainings

The aspiration to lose weight by the beginning of a summer season compels many people to physical activity, strengthening of health, sports trainings. Some prefer diets and simple exercises thanks to which they eliminate extra kilos, others use healthy food and actively swing the muscular corset. Though only the set of exercises and the correct menu provide positive result. It is necessary to develop for himself fitness recipes of the healthy and healthy nutrition. The human body cannot suffer because of a lack of useful substances therefore a diet by all means it is necessary to balance.


One of the most important principles of healthy food for athletes - that observed the daily need for the spent calories and also lack of deficiency for fats, and especially in proteins and in carbohydrates. Achievement of such purposes requires the healthy nutrition at sports activities providing implementation of both requirements.

Healthy food and having a snack - indispensable satellites. The easy afternoon snack will save from notable hunger, allowing not to allow excess of norm for dinner. To feel well, it is necessary to provide breaks between meals at 2-3 o'clock. Otherwise at you concentration in sugar blood will begin to fall that is inadmissible.

To those people for whom sport - not only viewing of a competition on TV, will help a protein diet. This technique is based on such principles:

Nutritionists warn that it is authorized to not everyone to use a protein diet. It is better not to apply it to the pregnant women and women nursing, diabetics, at problems of a liver, kidneys and a GIT. Also such diet does not suit minors as vitamins are required for their organism to provide the correct development of a body.

It is necessary to combine fitness and healthy food for receiving relief muscles, it is required to provide the small volume of subcutaneous fat. For this purpose it is necessary to cut down calories as each kilogram of fat contains them 9000. Reducing the caloric content of products daily by 500 calories, it will turn out to burn 350 grams of a body weight in a week. Use the low-calorie products enriched with useful substances to improve muscular relief.

The main advantage of a protein diet - the fast weight loss which is not leading to a skin otvisaniye. Such principle of healthy food and sport - are quite compatible as it provokes combustion of fats, at the same time restoring exchange processes. Thanks to easy preparation of the majority of dishes, the person is constantly full, it is easy for it to diversify a diet, enjoying tasty products.

The approximate daily diet of the healthy person at the time of fitness classes is representable in the form of the table:

Recommend to change periodically a diet, arranging dairy, fish or meat days. But it is always necessary to remember need to maintain daily need of the healthy person for carbohydrates and to drink daily at least 1,5 l of water.

Such ratio of components of food is recognized as ideal:

By all means the diet of the healthy person is obliged to consider permitted number of the consumed kilocalories. Concerning men the daily need for them - 2500, for women is a little less - 1800. Frequent consumption of food is obligatory in the small portions. Though such mode is not too convenient, but if to eat only few times per day, then, instead of weight loss, the result will be opposite. Provide to an organism an early breakfast, then having a snack, a lunch and an afternoon snack, and then a dinner. One meal a day for athletes should not provide consumption more than 500 Kcal.

The correct diet provides an accurate muscular relief, it removes fatty savings, keeping muscles. To correct a figure, it is necessary to be saturated with proteins, supplementing them with complex carbohydrates and useful fats. By all means make the plan of the meals, do not break their mode. If to eat, adhering to recommendations, it will turn out to achieve the wished result and good health in general.

The principles of healthy food at daily sports activities consist in observance of certain rules. They are easily feasible, it is only important to get used to the accurate schedule and to scrupulously comply with the listed paragraphs:

Fitness classes help to correct a figure, eliminating in it certain defects. To accelerate this process, wishing to receive instant result, some people prefer a hungry diet though the lack of useful substances does not help to receive as a gift a slender body. It is required to organize just correctly along with the received loadings a daily diet. Fitness recipes for the healthy and healthy nutrition help those who play sports and propagandizes healthy lifestyle.


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