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Published: 3.12.2018
far better to go to have a rest to Thailand

Visit of such islands as Pkhi-Pkhi, Semilana, will please coral islands not only natural beauty, but also perfectly organized program with flight on a parachute, driving on banana, the scooter, a water ski, a seafood lunch, abundance of drinks and exotic fruit, even souvenir shops.

If you want to see copies of architectural constructions of world value, you should visit the Mini-Siam park. Of course, the well-known buildings are executed in scale 1:20, but the park really surprising. Especially informatively for children. In one place both the Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower, and even St. Basil's Cathedral are collected. Walking on the park, it is possible to move easy from Europe to Africa, and from there to Asia and further. The Thai beauty are presented in full. If you do not manage to go to an excursion across Thailand then on a photo it is possible to depict itself with the Thai temples.

If you choose between Pattayey and Phuket, then it is important to know that in Phuket the high prices of rest, but water on beaches is much purer.

There is a little history. More than two thousand years ago the court doctor of the Indian tsar used methods of acupressure in the therapeutic purposes. Methods of massage were transferred from the master to the master by training as writing was absent. In later times at the monastery Vat Pkho in Thailand the first university was founded. On temple walls on sixty plates schemes and charts of lines according to which it is necessary to influence a body were cut. Still marble sculptures with the image of extensions and poses of yoga and also with akupressura points remained.

An environment of this country perfectly will be suitable for those who love beach vacation. There is everything: snow-white sandy beaches, green-blue sea, numerous bays and islands, exotic fruit, tropical plants and birds, rich fauna. Gourmets in Thailand the unique ethnic cuisine will please. But the most attractive is that here all the year round air temperature +30 °, and water is not be colder than +26 °C.

Being in Thailand, it is also possible to visit Laos, Hong Kong and Myanmar (Burma).

Crocodile and snake farms and also a zoo of tigers will be interesting to both children, and adults. This show will wake new feelings, will give force and will be remembered for a long time.

If you appear in Bangkok with children, then Dream World, the Safari park and the Oceanarium will become the wonderful place of entertainment all families. Dream World is amazing amusement park where it is interesting not only to children. This park is similar to the Disneyland, it will satisfy tastes of any traveler on vacation, besides, it the biggest in Thailand.

The trip towards "A gold triangle" is included into many excursion programs. And it is correct, it is impossible to pass such historical and cult places as Laos, Burma, being in Southeast Asia. During almost any excursion you will see statues of both Golden Buddha, and Emerald Buddha, and visit an elephant farm, and nursery of cobras, you will please the eye with national Thai dances.

At the words "Thai massage" at many people the mood, and, even at those who never did it is lightened. So to speak, have heard a lot. But to hear and do is two big differences as speak in Odessa.

Do you know, it is far better to go to Thailand? If you want to see paradise on the earth, go to Phuket! Emerald tropical vegetation in combination with snow-white sand and the azure sea creates the unique mix which is pleasing not only the eye, but also I smother the traveler. To plunge into nirvana on the bank of the Andaman Sea and to forget about everything on light - only such thought can arise on Phuket.

It is made separately there is an excursion rest in Thailand. If on a question - where to go to have a rest to Thailand, you answer - excursions, then in only one week there is an opportunity to plunge into culture, history, religion of this southern Asian country. What tours for you are prepared by the leading operators together with local travel companies?

And finally video about the choice of the vacation spot in Thailand:

It is natural that even on the snow-white beach full you will not call the rest one lying. Having got to the exotic country, it is worth getting acquainted with its traditions, history and culture, to see the well-known sights, to diversify the rest with walks, campaigns, trips. For this purpose in Thailand there are fine opportunities.

The show of elephants will surprise with grace and ingenuity of these huge slow animals. They not only play soccer, throw darts, but also draw a picture brush which can be bought. Well, very exotically and interestingly, especially to children.

Magnificent Buddhist temples which great variety in the territory of Thailand are considered as the main Treasures of the Thai kingdom. The surprising architecture of these constructions, rich furniture of interiors will give esthetic pleasure to tourists, and the pictures taken during the excursion will be a pleasant memories for many years.

It is worth sweeping by the boat on channels of Thai Venice on Chao Praya's river.

And about the Oceanarium even it is not necessary to speak. All ocean fauna is presented so visually that in a transparent tunnel it is necessary to turn aside continually from sharks, electric slopes and other ocean inhabitants. Children cannot be taken away from there!

In tropics warmly at all seasons of the year. Air temperature of +28 +32 degrees, and water is not be colder + than 28 degrees. Only tropical rains and monsoonal winds can spoil mood. Therefore, comfortable time for rest in Thailand is the share of the Russian winter - from November to February. At this particular time nothing will sadden your rest.

Still there is a zoo of tigers. All shows with animals use invariable interest. Seldom which of vacationers will refuse to itself pleasure to diversify beach vacation. To see habits of animals who live in tropics very interestingly. Especially as for holding a show many animals are trained, and tourists see the real representation.

Tours to Pattaya are much cheaper, than to other resorts of Thailand at all seasons of the year.

Besides, Phuket is the real paradise for divers and surfers. Fans of scuba diving from around the world gather behind a positive on the island with the amazing underwater world.

A large number of comfortable hotels was stretched along the coast. Stardom of hotels various, but even hotels 3 * will provide normal conditions for rest. Pattaya is the cheapest and democratic resort. Also it is well-known for stormy night life. If you have a spirit of adventurism, desire of unusual saturated rest, then Pattaya will suit you. Abundance of entertaining institutions, Go-go clubs, "Alkazar of a Show", massage parlors - all and not to count, it is known around the world.

Having a rest in Thailand, surely visit salon of the Thai massage. The revitalizing effect is guaranteed to you.

Each tour is unique according to the contents, a route, objects which are visited. But, unambiguously, each excursion enriches tourists with new knowledge, impressions and emotions.

Yes, do not forget about a show of men, disguised and & #171; перешитых» in women. Where still will you see such improbable show? In Pattaya it & #8212; show Tiffany and Alkazar. Of course, for Russians such entertainment - the true exotic. Our mentality hardly perceives surrounding reality and their customs. But bright fabulous action, magnificent suits, national music, beautiful choreography create feeling of an unreal holiday. Only prepare small notes, after the show it is possible to photograph Thai "beauties" only for money. Such small business at them.

Do not refuse to themselves pleasure to visit national park of Nong-Nuch. It is the hugest botanical garden in the world. The collection of cactuses, orchids, the park of butterflies bewitch the beauty and originality. Only on the photos you will be able to see all this once again.

In the Gulf of Thailand the third largest Thai island Samui got lost. The untouched nature, snow-white beaches and the transparent sea attract lovers, newlyweds and those who love rest and a privacy with comfort and service rolled into one here. Only the most luxurious hotels offer placement to Samui. High level of service will subdue the exacting tourist. It is remarkable that high buildings on the island are not resolved. Therefore tourists accommodate in a bungalow with the conditioner, bar, the refrigerator and a terrace.

Except the beach on which you, for certain, burn in the first exit it should be taken into account options of excursions. Them on the island a set:

Visit the temple of the Morning dawn (Vat Arun) - graceful, unique, decorated with the Chinese porcelain, 79 meters high. It was under construction long 27 years and already more than 200 years pleases and amazes visitors with the beauty. It is considered that in the morning the temple is most beautiful, but having visited it in the evening, you will find a special charm in the Vat Arun silhouettes against the background of an evening decline.

For quiet beach vacation it is necessary to choose hotel on the coast of Pattaya far away from the city: there and the sea is cleaner, and is quieter, and reasonable prices. In general, tourists prefer to bathe in transparent waters on beautiful islands or in aquapark of Pattaya. And all night entertainments can quite be visited if desired, having gone to night walk.

Stay in the capital of Thailand can be short-term. However, it will not prevent to receive a charge of positive Asian energy. Bangkok is a tourist mecca for many tourists who chose beach vacation, but at least on the date of late in Bangkok.

For fans of night life in Bangkok there are many restaurants, night exotic clubs, various shows for every taste and interest. The place which is most visited by real men in Bangkok - Soi-Kovboy. As experts assure, it is the world famous happening "center" of night life of Bangkok. More than 36 institutions invite tourists to have a good time. It is worth paying attention that the majority of institutions on Soi-Kovboy are Go-Go bars. Their such Asian customs!

The safari park loves courageous. By the special, covered with protective grids cars, tourists are carried on the real jungle where on the car because of any bush the leopard or a tiger can jump out. Not a sight for the faint of heart! But to see giraffes, zebras and other inhabitants of the savanna in the habitat, very interestingly and informatively.

The "center" of Pattaya noisy, motley, flows music and alcohol there, smells of seasonings, exotic dishes and a sensuality. There are no hotels 5 * in the "center" of Pattaya.

Than Phuket is still good? Yes the ethnic cuisine. The set of cafe, restaurants, street dealers offer inexpensive and tasty exotic and quite European food. You will not be hungry in Thailand.

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The Thai massage distinguishes a combination of pointed influence to elements of manual therapy and yoga. The revitalizing effect of the Thai massage is surprising:

And fans of shopping will please huge malls with a set of branded departments where quite reasonable prices for goods. There are departments with too quite good Thai goods. There are also night markets where it is possible to get decent qualitative things with discounts.

For a trip to Thailand surely stock up with sunblock cream and cream from burns!

Skilled travelers advise to concentrate on the main thing to gain the most complete idea of unfamiliar culture. So, the Royal palace with Temple of the Emerald Buddha has to get to your route surely. Across the territory of the palace it is possible to go for hours and to enjoy beauty of the nature and architecture.

Tours across several countries are also very interesting. For example:

Pleasant addition to a highly topical excursion program in Thailand is an opportunity to finish a voyage on sandy beaches. So to speak, to wash away dust of roads and to relax in nirvana.

Popular countries

Absolutely fairly call exotic rest in Southeast Asia. For Russians and surprising everything that is connected with Vietnam, China, Laos and Cambodia is unknown. But the most demanded is rest in Thailand now. Brave and inquisitive travelers are not frightened by long flight, big time difference and the unusual culture of this region. The main thing to solve, where to go to Thailand.

To Samui there is the airport. From Bangkok to fly about 1 hour 10 minutes. The best months for rest to Samui - January, February, July and August. Though during other period Asian exotic will not disappoint you. The nature has no bad weather!


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