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Published: 29.11.2018
everywhere water and pseudo-experts

Heading "Behavioural Finance".

Alexander good afternoon, saw a set of videos at you on YouTube channel, all so in details, thank you very much, learned for himself much absolutely new,

6) "How to achieve financial independence" - about it I wrote the separate book "Seven steps to financial freedom" - come into any bookstore, look through it.

1) Artem claims that he tries to find out 3 years - "how to take shares". I do not understand why was to spend for it 3 years, but not 3 minutes, having come into any investment company or into the same Sberbank standing literally at every turn.

4) Whether "It is obligatory to go to bank" - no, not necessarily. But it is necessary to witness the signature somehow. It can be done through the notary, through service of state service, etc. electronic and digital signatures. On the website of any investment company there is phone for reference - call, they will tell everything to you, will explain.

I share with you the letter directed to me:

But nevertheless for me remains unclear as in a shadow, all essence of investment in the stock market, Frankly speaking I struggle with this question from 14th year, namely: as the contribution, what minimum is carried out, at most, why meetings of shareholders are necessary how to take shares, it is obligatory to go to bank or not whether it is obligatory to trade in them at the exchanges,

3) "About meetings of shareholders" it is written in any book about actions - I do not understand in what complexity to find and read?

My answer:

I work at the plant (ITR), in Chelyabinsk. Artyom

So where to find reliable information about the "correct" ways of investment? Around us there is a lot of information and advertizing, but it all of rotten and doubtful quality. And whether only the lack of the checked knowledge prevents people to begin to invest?

2) "As the contribution what minimym and maximym" - too the simple task solved by the 1st inquiry in any searcher is carried out. Last week I began to invest in new index mutual fund (the minimum threshold of an entrance of 5 thousand rubles, replenishment from 1,5 t.p).


But not only millionaires, but also the beginning investors meet difficulties in finding of the qualitative ideas for investment.

We meet millionaires not simply "to talk", and with the purpose to write the book about the real investments (but not about those which to us are "flogged" by so-called "financial consultants", the staff of banks and finance companies).

It was how difficult to find to Artyom this information? In my opinion Artyom from us hides something …

To a descent advised Artyom to sign up for my course "Investments for Teapots", but probably Artyom did not like the name. Already one it speaks about much … Give one after another.

Everywhere "water" and pseudo-experts, prompt where this information can be found? and what in general you can advise me to achieve financial independence? thanks in advance.

Already told you that we interview 100 dollar millionaires concerning how they invest the personal money. Personal money, i.e. brought out of the business.

5) Whether "It is necessary to trade at the exchange" - I consider that the beginning investors need to FORBID even to think of trading, risks are too high to lose there all the money.

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