Kim Protasov's Diet, new

Published: 19.11.2018
Kim Protasov's diet

Not to lose the achieved results, it is necessary to paint the next weeks in advance and in detail.

The power supply circuit on & #8220; протасовке” it is quite simple and it is practically not limited. It is possible to make the menu for a week independently, having considered all features of an organism:

All want to lose weight practically and always. Imagination stems models excite, in shops even more often it is possible to meet size 40-42. However to lose excess weight independently it turns out not at all: diets seem difficult, long and expensive, and results of very few people can satisfy. Against the background of the general disappointment Kim Protasov's diet which quite often remember not only growing thin is allocated, but also those who already passed this way. Along with several other widespread diets, pro-shuffle helps to achieve step by step the necessary weight and to keep it. It even recommend to carry out once a year for prevention.

On it the diet comes to the end, and you can be proud of the will power and the updated body. Not to allow return of kilograms, it is better to refrain from fast introduction to a diet of flour products, sweets and rice. However, responses report that the organism itself also does not demand anything from listed: reorganization came to the end, and it is ready to eat only useful and correct dishes.

Kim Protasov's diet lasts 10 weeks. The first 5 weeks there is a change of a diet, formation of other principles of food behavior. Next 5 weeks & #8211; fixing: they help to keep result and not to gain weight back. The description of a diet of Kim Protasov is usually begun with the following advantages:

Protasov's diet for every day is contraindicated to some people. Treat them:

Real reviews of Protasov's diet cannot but strike: losses of weight reach ten-fifteen kilograms which do not return if it is correct to leave a diet. Many use it not for weight loss, and for clarification of an organism and recovery of health in the fall or in the spring. The instruction says that it is possible to adhere to the similar menu not more often than once a year.

Protasov's diet & #8220; родилась” in 1999: article "Do Not Do of Food of a Cult" was published in the Israeli newspaper. There it was told about how to lose weight quickly, it is safe and guaranteed the author promised considerable loss of weight in house conditions that attracted the first curious, and further off it went.

As well as any diet, the menu of a diet of Protasov has some shortcomings.


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