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Published: 17.11.2018

Ability to place priorities - one of the major. Whether you will try to deal with all affairs at once or will follow a way of essentialism, not so important. The main thing to decide on what really matters for you. If something "is stored" in your head, it all the same involves your mental resources (that is energy). Therefore it is worth placing consciously affairs on degree of urgency importance and to refuse unnecessary at all.

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To us often happens it is a shame not on business. Usually it occurs when we try to protect own borders. "Egoist!" "Also you think only of yourself!" Familiar phrases? Made a selection by with what it should not be a shame to you. Also do not shame for it others!

Researches show that, expressing itself in words, we are exempted from offenses, anger and a stress which can damage to our relationship with people and to become the reason of a serious illness, such as cancer and hypertension. Openly to express on public, the courage, especially is necessary when it is necessary to say what is contrary to the standard opinion. But the more actively you try to express the point of view, the easier it for you, the more surely you feel and the more respect yourself. Brett Blumenthal, the author of the book "One Habit a Week", considers it so important point that suggests to get a habit to introduce the ideas consciously.

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So you will avoid a situation of underestimation or revaluation of the opportunities. And, of course, you will not forget about important issues, being distracted by trifles. Inventory of incomplete affairs should be carried out regularly. It is a useful habit.

When in the schedule you allocate time for yourself, there are many applicants for these precious minutes. The girlfriend calls, the husband asks to make something or children come with lessons just when you decided to take care of the own life, the development. Be not afraid to protect the time, to tell that you are busy and to ask to call back/approach later.

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If it is a shame to you with something, think in what the reason of this feeling. These are stereotypes, others installations or other "cockroaches"? Sometimes it is enough to understand himself to become more free and happier.

We are by nature blessed with the gift to state the thoughts and feelings, but many prefer to them not to use. In rare instances silence is justified, is more often - no. When you speak with the interlocutor, strengthen the relations with it, increase self-confidence, reduce a stress and to a dezha can promote on service.

We without problems give money for entertainments to the child, but we feel sorry for them for ourselves. With Anna Rolskaya, the author of the book "Bases of a Calligraphy and Lettering", spoke on this subject in an interview. Feeling sorry for something for itself, you speak to the world: "I am not worthy it, I do not love myself as others". The problem is in that, as nobody will fall in love with you because such information is read out by other people.

Once the affairs which are "written down" in our "memory card" will incessantly press on you, dangling somewhere on boondocks of consciousness. To weaken this pressure, be not afraid to leave irrelevant desires. It not manifestation of weakness, and life up to date. You will find technicians on release from what became outdated in the book "How to Put Affairs in Order".

Often people speak "yes" when with pleasure would refuse. We we can tell "no" and regret for it within several minutes, or tell "yes" - and to regret within several days, weeks, months or even years. You remember it every time when you face the choice. The notebook "Ability to speak "no"" will prompt strategy and simple tools by means of which you will be able to designate limits of own freedom, having forced to respect the friendly, but firm refusal.

Many have a habit to conclude bargains with themselves: to make to itself promises - and to have a stress when they do not manage to be constrained. There are two ways: either to execute arrangements, or to cancel them and to hold new "negotiations".

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