Interesting : 6 ways to wake imagination

Published: 21.11.2018
creative focuses: 6 ways to wake imagination

To what the inspiration is similar? On a wind gust which brings brilliant ideas. Or on light flash which is lighting up the dark room. Actually inspiration as building. It has a certain structure and parts which can be sorted and used.

Amateur interest in different objects and spheres gives a set of the ideas. For example, Picasso was fond of the photo and a X-ray analysis. Einstein - the esthetic theory and Siegmund Freud's works. It is not obligatory to be the expert in the new sphere. It is important to be inquisitive, to reflect over the feelings and impressions.

On the contrary, the logic watches that everything went well: selects associations, analyzes data, looks for interrelations. Any elected creative persons with pravopolusharny thinking - all can become creative inventors. It is only necessary to train the creative muscles. There are 6 ways as to do it.

Intuition not simply presentiment. These are ability of a brain to catch imperceptible physiological feeling which was not issued in a thought yet. The intuition helps to develop periodic inspirations and to include creative approach. And even it can be developed. The simplest - is constant to think of the feelings. Why heart was joyfully and often clogged? Why did the concern wake up? Try to remove several hypotheses. Over time the brain itself will begin to include the detective and to look for missing proofs: to find communications, justifications, to collect from them the whole picture.

Symbols transfer everything to an abstract form and simplify work. - Source

Chaos - a source of new associations and unusual decisions. - Source

Many represent creative people as the dreamers having head in the clouds. Absent-minded, other-wordly persons seem to us poets, artists or musicians. In it there is a sense as the absent-mindedness helps to drift on reason and to find unexpected solutions. Only it has to be intended: the wandering thoughts are effective if we operate them.

Exercise. Think of interests which are close to you. Music is pleasant? Gymnastics? Run? Think up a hobby which will carry away you and will bring out of a comfort zone. Run a marathon. Register in dances. Learn to play a musical instrument. Open a couple of the new horizons - and creative fire will inflame stronger.

Exercise. Arrange a conscious break in work - plan dreams. Allocate 10-15 minutes for dreaming or imagining some situation. If it is necessary to think over the presentation, put the timer and five minutes and present, the big hall, your performance and an applause of the audience. It is possible to plan dreams during any occupations - knittings, changes of flowers, embroidery or washing of ware. This business should not demand full devotion, otherwise you will become too concentrated.

You for certain know the theory about the right and left hemispheres: the first is responsible for an intuition, the second - for logic and analytics. Many consider that creativity is inherent in people with pravopolusharny type of thinking, and avoids the others.

Plan dreams consciously. - Source

However recent researches of the neurobiologist Melissa Ellamil showed that creative process - joint work of two hemispheres. Book illustrators became participants of an experiment: while they thought out the ideas, their brain was analyzed by scientists. Also found out that the leading role in generation of inventions was played by a medial temporal share of both hemispheres which is responsible for storage of the facts and memoirs. When the brain analyzed the ideas, all sites of network worked.

Choose a hobby to liking and become the happy layman. - Source

The intuition helps to wake creative approach. - Source

The creative mind is a borderline between chaos and control. When you are a little unbraked, but not so to plunge into the abyss of imaginations. In fact chaos - a harbinger new. A source of ideas and brilliant decisions for creativity: thanks to it the brain stays in a tone, looks for fresh associations, builds unusual communications and analogies.

To push a brain to development of flexibility by means of "symbolization". Symbols transfer designations of things to an abstract form and simplify work. Childish sports entirely from symbols: the superhero's raincoat - from a towel, food - from sand, a sword - from a stick. Emotional reactions can be symbolical: when you place the photo of the person in a medallion and carry on a breast, or throw out a thing to forget about someone. By means of symbols it is possible to write the scenario, to think up the plan of an action or design of the poster.

Creativity - joint work of two hemispheres. - Source

Exercise. It is possible to operate an intuition on the other hand - to make the predictive conclusions. At first to pass to a conclusion, and then to check it. Let's follow a simple example: you cannot think up the scenario of a party of a birthday. Imagine two-three places where precisely the birthday boy will like to spend evening. Also think already from appointment points: restaurant - order huge cake with his name, a concert - cipher the place and the performer in his favourite song. You draw a conclusion and check it. Then slightly you change a formulation and again you check. And you come to the most creative decision and you develop an intuition - the brain snatches out the most important.

Exercise. Think out metaphors. Take the list of words and pick up to everyone metaphorical analogs: call obstacles in a way "wall", "rise uphill", "the colliding cars" or even "ski descent on an icy slope". Experimentally you find unique combinations - so you will become more inventive.

On materials of the book "Botch, Scribble, Soil and Try"

Exercise. Perceive chaos in the form of a fair wind which helps to accelerate to the pilot. Try to make so-called "postponing of execution". Present that made the list of affairs per day, but there was something unforeseen. Plans were overset. Include "delay" and think whether it is possible to transfer several points the next day, to enter a couple of new, to replace with one another? If it was possible, then the feeling of efficiency and control will remain. And the creative muscle will be able to use an alarm in the purposes.

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Exercise. First, to wake inspiration, it is necessary to involve one of five feelings. Everything begins with esthetic perception: enjoy a decline, walk on the beach, inhale aroma of the salty sea, feel sand under legs. After - allow thoughts to wander in the phase "passive embodiment". Allow themselves to endure and feel how emotions are multiplied and hold apart. And at last - find motivation to create. Communicate to adherents, think of how your idea (the text, a picture, a thing) can change life of other people. Obey inspiration and start!

The inspiration does not come just like that: it is necessary to wake it. - Source

Each of us - the master of a creative and invention. Do not you trust? Then open the book "Botch, Scribble, Soil and Try" rather. We read it too and chose 6 ways which will help to think, find inventively unusual solutions, to be multitask and to develop other superabilities.

Dream, you find a hobby, listen, think out metaphors, resupply inspiration and be not afraid of chaos - open to reason a door to the improbable creative world.


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