From our users: how to hand over, return and change the e-ticket aboard the plane in 2019

Published: 25.5.2019
how to hand over, return and change the e-ticket aboard the plane in 2019

If the travel document was ordered on the Internet, similar information will contain in the electronic version of the plane ticket which is sent to the client on e-mail after successful acquisition.

After the client submits the application for return, it loses the right to apply for the post corresponding to the ticket - they are redeemed by other persons.

If the user issued the standard ticket, then in need of it to return, in most cases problems do not arise. Conditions on which return of money is carried out can significantly vary, depending on the chosen airline. At all companies the procedure of return will be much simpler if to make out return as soon as possible.

For successful return of the e-ticket which was bought on the Internet it is enough to visit the official site of tour agency, airline or platform aggregator then, it is expedient to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

This moment is regulated by Article 108 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation where the duty of return of money for the ticket is registered and also the concept of a grace period during which the overall cost of the document will be returned is entered.

There are non-refundable tickets which cannot receive compensation on that explains their low cost.

The procedure of return can be accelerated considerably if to report to the company all necessary details of the account/card:

Some companies allow return registration only in day of implementation of the ticket. If the user did not manage to meet the similar deadline, he can count only on postponement of date of a departure. For this reason, it is important to get acquainted with relevant conditions of acquisition and return of tickets at concrete airline.

Similar tickets are marked by a mark of "Non Ref" that is deciphered as non refundable, that is irretrievable. Such tickets are on sale the companies low-cost airlines which specialize in the most inexpensive air transportation for passengers.

At the same time, for the clients refusing places in a business class, similar exchange is carried out on a grant basis that excludes even small financial losses. The service of transfer of flight can not be provided for clients who made out promotional tickets, or planned to take lou-kost flights.

The least favorable option the case when the traveler decided to refuse flight in day of a departure is represented. In a similar situation it is necessary to try to return the ticket in 4 hours prior to registration for flight. It will allow to return up to 75% of cost of the ticket.

As it was told earlier, to make out return of the ticket it is necessary to begin as soon as possible as it will allow not only to increase compensation sum, but also considerably will accelerate the procedure.

Other nuance is the impossibility of receiving compensation under special tickets which were issued on the exceptional tariffs or stocks of airline.

It is necessary to remember that not only the user, acquiring tickets earlier can submit the application for return, but also his authorized representative. For this purpose, it is necessary to make the power of attorney on representation of interests which surely has to be certified notarially.

As a rule, money it is compensated in the same way which carried out payment of tickets. The simplest will be the procedure when the user paid travel documents with cash, however the similar method of payment is not used at commission of Internet purchases.

It is important not to make mistakes when filling as they can entail cancellation of the application because of what it will be required to be given repeatedly and to receive means on less favorable conditions.

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If desired to return the ticket, it is necessary to treat the similar procedure responsibly. The company from which the traveler acquired the e-ticket has to return money. The procedure provides that the tourist should address firm, having made the statement in writing. It has to contain necessary data on the ticket among which:

Date of receipt of means the client is represented to some of the most important parameters of return at delivery of tickets. As a rule, it is impossible to call an exact date of performance of the application as it depends on a number of factors. First of all, return registration time and also a way by means of which tickets were paid matters.

At the same time, some airlines can raise penalties from the clients who are making out return regardless of delivery term. When the client hands over the travel document less, than in 1 day, he will be able to count up to 75% of its cost on compensation. Also it will be required to pay a commission fee.

However, it is not necessary to think that it is impossible to return the ticket after delay of the traveler on flight. The possibility of registration of return after a departure, on condition of payment of a penalty is provided in most airlines. In a similar situation, it is much more favorable to transfer flight to other date, having paid collecting, than to acquire the new ticket and to hand over old.

An opportunity to withdraw the submitted application is not provided by rules of return. Process of compensation of cost of the ticket takes from 10 to 90 days, depending on a payment method, conditions of airline and other factors.

Under the influence of various circumstances, many travelers often think of how to return the e-ticket aboard the plane.

For many travelers wishing to save money it will be much more favorable to change date of a departure, instead of return of the ticket and acquisition new. The similar opportunity is offered by most airlines, and from the user it will be required to pay the penal fee only.

Among available options of return, compensation is available to the user:

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Necessary data for return into the account in an electronic payment system will differ a little from the above-mentioned list. They include:

The category of the ticket is of great importance at similar process. Airlines compensate the cost of tickets of a business class, and condition of compensation more willingly or do not assume existence of penalties, or they are much softer, than at tickets of economy class.


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