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Published: 27.5.2019
as the yoga changed my life to bikra of the yogi Part 2

I welcome you, friends!

the Truth is said that everything comes in due time. If you want something with all the heart, will surely come true. Soon one more studio Bikram of yoga directly on Savelovskaya opened. I successfully sold the subscription in fitness club and bought the subscription three months hotter than yoga.

The second revelation happened when I went outside. For fatigue there is no trace left also, and the extraordinary feeling of ease, happiness and self-confidence appeared. It seemed to me that if I sustained this lesson, for me there is nothing impossible in this life any more. Thoughts were so clear, and a body a lung. At this moment I understood that I will return to this studio still more than once.

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When I more or less recovered, took a shower, put on and left to the hall, suggested to buy me week Bikram yogas on promo the price. And what you think? I agreed. I do not know what then moved me. Probably, tendency to sado-masochism:)

In ten minutes occupation began. It became clear that the Asian girl call Mimi, and she will teach a lesson in English. She explained the basic rules: let's carry out 26 exercises on two approaches and two breathing exercises, it is undesirable to leave the room during the occupation, to drink water only after the second approach, in the hall not to talk, listen to its instruction and if it is unclear, to watch what is done by neighbors in a rug.

The girl of Asian appearance was a teacher. She explained to me where a locker room where she the hall for occupations, gave a rug, two towels and a bottle of water. With this gentleman's set I went to the hot room, previously having changed clothes in a long free undershirt and leggings. There already several people lay in a pose of a dead body. Without hesitation, I reached the same position and began to wait for the beginning of a lesson. It should be noted that it was very pleasant to be in the warm damp room after November Moscow dank cold. I relaxed and enjoyed heat.

So in November, 2011 I came to Bikram studio of yoga on Ordynka to the first "hot" class. From rainy and gloomy Moscow I opened a door to tropical paradise. All people are dressed in tiny shorts and tops, all smile, communicate with each other. And in the "center" of all this action the girl of Asian appearance with a smile to ears hopping and singing something at the top of the voice. It was revelation number one. I obviously did not expect to see such picture. It was absolutely other world, and some other people. More open to communication, the emotions which are not afraid to express, more positive. When I practiced yoga in fitness the "center", people there each other did not smile and the more so did not talk. Came, worked and left.

I had no forces neither to talk, nor to have tea or there are cut oranges which are offered free of charge after a class. I failed on a bench and rested in bed minutes fifteen, drinking water. I could not even it was pleasant define to me a class or not. I felt only strong fatigue, thirst and lack of thoughts.

Further we passed to simpler, in my opinion, to exercises. In spite of the fact that I felt that I have no more than forces, I was not going to give up. As could, I executed the subsequent exercises. And in minutes fifteen to us declared two-minute rest.

Within trial week I came to three occupations. They seemed to me a little easier, than the first. I very much liked my physical and emotional state after classes, but it was very inconvenient to reach studio. At that time I worked at Savelovskaya and, it was very inconvenient to reach rush hour Ordynka, and it is almost impossible to find the parking. After classes I came back home already at 11-12 o'clock in the evening. I at that time had an existing subscription in fitness club which was opposite to my work. Therefore having condoled a little, I decided that I will refuse occupations hot yoga so far.

I continue the story about the way in yoga.

After a break we began to carry out the block from three exercises on balance. Here that also seemed to me that I will die now, to heart without restraint beat in a breast, breath got off, I periodically dropped out of a pose. It was the most intensive and heavy moment for me during all class. My clothes became wet, became heavy, inconvenient and stuck to a body. I understood why all were in pass tops and shorts.

In the conclusion of a class Mimi laid all of us in a final shavasana to relax after a class. Told that it is better to lie down in it at least 2-3 minutes to be restored, and left a class. Many people remained to have a rest. But for me it was already too. I grabbed the towel, an empty bottle (two liters as did not happen) and a bullet took off from a class.

The class Bikram of yoga began with breathing exercise of Pranayam. At that moment I understood how my neck and shoulders are clogged and are not mobile. Then we executed the block from three exercises for warm-up and a warming up of a body which seemed to me rather easy. Then to us allowed to take a break to drink water. Who did not practice hot yoga, that never felt the true taste of water. It seemed to me that in the world there is nothing more tasty and desired, than plain water.


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