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Published: 23.5.2019
of naggers standing: emergence reasons, first aid and treatment

Such unpleasant phenomenon as a skin itch between toes and on legs is rather widespread "syndrome" giving the mass of an inconvenience. The discomfort caused by an itch constantly concentrates attention on an affected area and deprives of the person of an opportunity to live normally. Besides an itch on skin reddening and irritation appears.


as seldom as possible to meet this unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to watch over the health, to treat in due time chronic diseases and to periodically undergo preventive inspection.

Sometimes the reason is in vascular problems and violation of exchange processes. What to do at the nagger against the background of varicosity of legs? In this case it is necessary to ask for the help the narrow expert as well as in case of detection of the serious diseases which caused the naggers, for example, such as diabetes, liver diseases, mental violations and so forth. Without therapy of the main disease fight against an itch is doomed to become unsuccessful.

If legs only in the area a foot itch and the severe itch between fingers of legs is observed, then, most likely, it is about fungal defeat. At appearance standing of obviously expressed pimples it is possible to suspect that you were just bitten by insects.

Often the itch standing is not the only symptom and if properly to think and compare everything there can be a clear picture of the events. The first that needs to be excluded, walking search of the reason of an itch and between fingers, - a possibility of development of allergic reaction to something.

The first that needs to be done at appearance of an itch of any origin - to try not to comb these places and as soon as possible to visit the doctor. Combing not only will aggravate a situation, considerably having worsened a condition of skin emergence of a bigger reddening of skin standing and peelings, but also can lead to entering of an infection.

As for diseases at which there can be an itch standing and stupnyakh, among most probable "responsible" for this phenomenon are:

In certain cases the contrast shower helps to get rid of a severe itch, but it is only way of temporary relief of a state.

It is impossible to use at all personal hygiene means, linen and footwear of other person as it is fraught with infection not only fungal, but also serious infectious diseases.

In most cases it is not a separate disease, and demonstrates presence of any diseases or nervous breakdowns. However the itch is most often transferred worse, than even the disease which caused its emergence. What can it be caused by and how to behave at emergence of such symptom? Than to cure the naggers between toes?

The shortage of vitamins B the winter and spring period and dehydration of skin is one more frequent cause of an itch at non-compliance with the drinking mode. The similar itch and dryness can turn out to be consequence of too frequent epilation or shaving of legs and also uses of low-quality means before holding a procedure of removal of hair one way or another. Even hard tap water can become the itch reason in legs.

Important accurately to observe all recommendations of the doctor, not to interrupt independently a course of treatment and not to change a medicine dose, otherwise the disease recurrence is guaranteed to you.

If to all allergic reaction is the reason, resort to use of antihistaminic oral medicines and external means, namely the gels, creams and ointments containing glucocorticoids. Any additional therapeutic actions, for example, grass trays or compresses, it is necessary to coordinate with the doctor without fail. Besides, it is important to exclude further contact with allergen or its consumption, otherwise the effect of treatment will be insignificant.

Use of means of household chemicals, namely shower gels, has to be rational, and clothes and footwear are better to get from natural materials.

In order that an itch, irritation and peeling of skin became your constant satellites and did not lead to development of more serious conditions, the first that needs to be made - to find out the exact reason of its origin, that is to ask for the help the expert. It is necessary to visit the doctor, to make all necessary tests and to undergo inspection. The effectiveness of the appointed treatment of an itch a foot of legs will depend on correctness and a razvernutost of a wording of the diagnosis.

Besides, it is necessary to approach more responsibly and carefully the choice of those products of which your food allowance consists not to provoke development of allergic reactions.

At detection of infectious or fungal damage of skin not to do without application of special anti-mycotic, antibacterial and antiparasitic means. In this case the diagnosis is specified by means of special analyses, and treatment is appointed by the dermatologist.

It can be food eaten recently in a large number in this case most often similar reaction sweet or not really quality food in "company" with diarrhea causes. Also allergic rashes on the top part of foot, and the itch accompanying them can cause tights or socks.

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