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Published: 17.6.2018
food at gastritis: features of a medical diet, restriction

The listed rules will be useful not only to the people suffering from gastritis, but also to all to whom their own health is important. Transition to a new way of life has to happen gradually. Over time the organism will get used to changes, and you will feel much better.

Exists several kinds of gastritis and also a variety of reasons which lead to its development: consumption of low-quality or improper food, Helicobacter Pylori bacterium. One of the most important conditions of effective medical process is the healthy nutrition at stomach gastritis. It is very important to diagnose a disease in time, to see a doctor and to go urgently on a diet.

It is impossible to eat sour, immature fruits. Dried fruits are allowed to be eaten only in the ground form. Chocolate - the forbidden sweet.

Gastritnikam porridges from buckwheat, rice and porridge will be useful. Dishes have to have semi-viscous structure, before the use fray them. The cutlets made of the processed grain will become a quite good alternative. Rice and porridge are especially useful.

Features of food at gastritis are not only in what the person has to eat, but also in how it does it. It is important to follow several simple rules.

Gastritis is a widespread disease which is followed by inflammation of a mucous membrane of a stomach. Statistical data demonstrate that nearly 90% of the population of our planet are familiar with symptoms of this illness: heartburn, vomiting, discomfortable feelings in a stomach, an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

It is possible to eat the baked and boiled fruit and berries, jelly, kissels and puree made from them, but all products have to be carefully ground. Consumption of honey is admissible.

It is not less important to see with this problem a doctor and not to allow self-treatment. Following to incorrect councils can aggravate a situation and aggravate gastritis, having complicated therapy and having strengthened painful feelings.

Porridge is an irreplaceable component of food at gastritises. This product is characterized by high content of cellulose, protects stomach walls from various negative impacts. Acids and vitamins necessary for a human body are a part of oat flakes. From grain cook porridges and kissel. It is important to use usual porridge, but not instant products.

Some forms of an illness develop without manifestation of special signs until gastritis it does not become active to progress. For this reason the symptomatology should be considered on the basis of concrete types of a disease.

Patients with the increased production of gastric juice surely should include rice in the menu. Grain contains a large amount of vitamins and complex carbohydrates. With tendency to locks it is necessary to refuse porridge and to begin to cook soups from rice.

It is important to remember that symptoms can have more acuity if treatment is absent. Others sometimes are added to the described signs, more discomfortable and dangerous to a human body.

Selecting products, it is necessary to consider some nuances of dietary food at gastritis.

Products are steamed or boiled previously, and then fray. It is possible to apply potato, carrots, beet, cabbage, but only color, sometimes green peas. Without mastication it is admissible to eat fresh vegetable marrows and pumpkin. Melkoizmelchyonny fresh fennel is gradually added to soups. Only ripe tomatoes relating to not too sour grades, no more than 100 g are resolved

Features of a food allowance at gastritis are of great importance for effective treatment of a disease.

Accurate observance of all rules of a diet allows to reduce manifestation of heavy symptoms, helps to improve a condition of the patient.

For every day vegetables broths with additives in the form of vermicelli, rice, the resolved products or puree perfectly approach. For example, the soup based on potato or carrots decoction. It is necessary to refuse strong mushroom and vegetable broths, borsches, okroshka.

Fruit sauces are moderately admissible. In small doses vanillin, cinnamon, parsley, fennel are resolved. Spicy spices, ketchup, horse-radish, mushrooms sauces need to be removed from the menu.

Similar food under a ban, but there are some reservations. Consumption of the bread made from the resolved cereals is admissible. However, pastries have to be slightly dried. It is necessary to exclude entirely from the menu black and all other kinds of fresh bread, puff and rich flour products.

After detection of the first symptoms of gastritis it is necessary to see at once the qualified doctor and, even without waiting for results of analyses, it is worth changing the menu. Let's consider the main products and dishes, a possibility of their use in the presence of gastritis.

Gastritis and food are closely connected among themselves, but great attention is deserved also by drinks which are taken by the person suffering from symptoms of this disease. Not too sweet juice and also dogrose decoctions are resolved. It is impossible to drink kvass, sparkling water, coffee.

It is forbidden to use mushrooms, spinach, a sorrel, turnip, onions, a white cabbage. Experts do not recommend to eat sauerkraut, marinated fruits, pickles, canned food.


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