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Published: 9.6.2019
comments on Alexander Evstegneev

I spread the next Reviews of books by Alexander Evstegneev:

I will send it references Tomorrow. Many thanks to you!!! Lydia


Question: As, probably and at many Russians, a financial problem of my family are the credits (on the car, the credit card) which eat an essential share of the family budget. And it is natural, it would be desirable to close them as soon as possible.

The remarkable book, is read quickly and easily, tasks not such and difficult, but at once discipline and allow to analyze and control financial behavior.

Without thinking, I incurred it on cash desk, came running home and at once with ecstasy began to read. From the first pages I plunged into the "chest with dreams", "dug out" the most interesting on me and treasured from there and from this point decided not to miss any opportunity any more.

I considered that it is small chance to success that the dream turned into the PURPOSE! And at once, according to your advice, passed to practice. Today I will make something new! Namely contacted you, the person "the third circle - mine future". Thanks! Yulia

Is what to work also a clear main understanding on that needs to be done. It is more serious to treat money and to study financial literacy. Thanks once again. Elena Filionova

I read your book and at once I write the response. I thought, the book will be serious, about finance. It turned out that everything is written in an easy available form, information is very well acquired, it is a lot of tasks, very much motivates, very much it was pleasant! I summarized everything at once. everything to the last point is read.

On one breath read your book "Step by Step to Financial Freedom", in parallel performing the offered tasks. It was interesting.

And so a question - as much as possible effectively and quickly to make it?

Good history in the book to make useful exercises, all this main thing and the result will not keep itself waiting. Novel

Good afternoon, Alexander. I am very glad to acquaintance to you and your participation in a marathon "Begin new life". Thanks for your training, experience. It is very valuable and important.

Thanks in advance. Yours faithfully, Elena Gorbunova

It was pleasant to get acquainted with you on an online marathon "New Life".

Alexander! As I was lucky that I somehow contacted you, on your books. It is read easily and clear! There is a wish to share with the niece. With honors graduated from the institute, in works did not find (the truth managed to marry and give rise, and the question of work already costs, already goes to interviews).

I took great pleasure from reading of this book. Thanks, Alexander! Leysan

Hello, Alexander. My name is Elena, I am a businessman, I conduct the activity in the field of direct sales.

Especially the Dream of the Future and List Achievement task was pleasant (it appears them not and a little, and we often forget to praise ourselves and simply, did not get used).

A name (obligatory)

You watch video comments on Alexander Evstegneev HERE

My name is Yulia, I am 21 years old, I live in the small provincial town. Already within 14 years, I continuously study - school, college, that year entered the University. Began to ask the question "What Do I Need All This for?" even more often I in the future do not see myself ordinary "worker", as well as many I dream of successful own activity. The ideas always a set, but here all and remained at the level of the ideas.

But today as an enlightenment, went home and decided to glance in bookstore, to buy some interesting book. Looked through regiments, twisted in hands of the book of different authors, different genres and here your book "What Needs to Be Known Poor to Become the Rich?" fell of me into hands.


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