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Published: 23.6.2018
care of the newborn means the correct feeding, walks, bathing and td

Many parents at appearance of the firstborn in family have many questions of how to look after the child. What is necessary for the baby first of all how many she has to eat? How often with her it is necessary to walk? How to look after a navel? Whether it is necessary to swaddle the kid? How many times he has to crap, etc.

the Normal chair at the kid on breastfeeding has to have a yellowish or greenish shade, on artificial - brown or black. If the newborn has a watery chair, then, most likely, it has a diarrhea. In this case it is worth addressing the pediatrician and that at the kid there did not come dehydration, to give it a little water after feedings.

On this question there are several answers: it is a lot of and much. If to dress the baby in clothes at once, then diapers it to be necessary less, they can be put on a pelenalny table, to use as a sheet. If to follow the example of mothers, then diapers for the first month it is necessary for 30.

Before going to walk to the street, the child should be fed that he was full and could fall asleep. Naturally, it is recommended to walk in parks, squares where air the cleanest.

Further the increase in weight daily makes about 20 g. Thus, in a month the kid has to gain up to 800 g. If the child does not add the put weight, so it lacks food and it has to eat more. If the kid gathered more than put, it is necessary to milk to it less or mixes since he overeats.

On a case if the child gets hungry, will not prevent to have with itself a little water in a small bottle. Though it is better to carry the child home and to feed.

How many the kid in day has to eat it is possible to calculate by such formula: to increase the number of days of life of the child by 70 if the weight of the baby less than 3200 g, or to increase by 80 if weight more than 3200 g. As we see, the child weighing 3 kg in day should give 420 ml of milk or mix, and weighing 3.5 kg - 480 ml of milk or mix.

Maybe it is more diapers, and less. If it will be less of them, it is necessary to erase just more often.

In the first day of life of the child it has enough literally a colostrum teaspoon. It is caused by the fact that the newborn has the small volume of a stomach, about 7 ml, besides colostrum very nutritious. For the fourth day the volume of a stomach becomes 40 ml, by 10th day - 80-90, and by a month - 100 ml.

If at the child suddenly kcal became firm, it means that he has a lock. In this case mother should reconsider the food or if the baby on artificial feeding - to replace mix. It is also necessary to consult with the pediatrician.

It is important to young parents to know how many the navel at the newborn heals. At the correct leaving about 10 days. That the umbilical wound healed normally and quickly, it is necessary to process its 1-2% solution of the hlorofillipt or brilliant green. Besides, it is necessary to bathe the baby in weak solution of potassium permanganate about 5-7 minutes. The crust from an umbilical wound has to disappear in two weeks.

On the second week the mix volume necessary for the newborn in day is calculated on other formula: the body weight of the child is divided into five. That is if the kid weighs 3600 g, then he needs to give 720 ml of mix a day. All volume should be divided into 6-8 feedings: the child has to eat each three hours in the afternoon, and each five hours - at night.

Most of mummies first of all care for providing the child with enough food. How many milk is necessary for the newborn?

In the winter the kid that he did not freeze, will need overalls, a warm blanket, a cap and the warmed carriage. Under a warm cap it is necessary to dress a cotton scarf or a cap.

In the summer the baby should be dressed on weather that was not too hot, but that the kid also did not freeze. Even in hot weather the child needs to put on a hat.

As you can see, the science of care of the newborn is difficult, but is quite available and feasible. The main thing - to love the small miracle and then all cares of it will be to you only in joy!

It seems that care of the newborn is something excessive, impossible, however if to place everything in places, to understand questions thoroughly, it becomes clear that it is not difficult to care for the baby not only, but also it is pleasant. The main thing not to allow itself to worry, and the rest will come with experience!

Normal development of the child and his health are demonstrated by a regular chair. How many does the baby have to crap - this question often interests parents? The kid on breastfeeding usually craps as much time how many he eats, i.e. about 8-11 times a day. The newborn on artificial feeding can have this number less.

Also interests many how many water to give to newborns. According to WHO recommendations aged about one month water is not required to children, to them that water suffices that contains in milk.

In the first day it is necessary to walk 15 minutes. Every day time of walks needs to be increased for 5-10 minutes. Then it is possible to spend in the fresh air some time in the summer and in warm days in the spring and in the fall.

At the same time their size has to be a miscellaneous:

In the first month of life of the child it is important to watch his increase in weight. It is possible to judge by that by how many grams the kid increases body weight whether enough he receives food. In the first week the baby can lose in weight, it is normal as the diet is still set, besides the newborn loses liquid.

The following signs can demonstrate that the child needs to drink water:

Before feeding since 10 in the afternoon of the child's life, it is necessary to allow it to lie down a little on a tummy. For a start there is enough 1-3 minutes, then time should be prolonged up to 20 minutes. This occupation helps newborns to strengthen muscles of a neck, a stomach and also simplifies an otkhozhdeniye of GAZ cars.

At artificial feeding the child should give a certain amount of mix. How many the baby needs to eat, it is calculated on a formula: to increase the number of days of the kid from the birth by ten. That is for the third day for time the child has to eat 30 ml of mix, for 6 day - 60 ml.

Usually it is connected with the fact that the baby does not suit mix. The newborn can sometimes not crap even two days. If at the same time he feels normally, he is not disturbed by gripes, a tummy soft, it is not necessary to do anything.

The kid needs to milk as often as he asks. Usually children on breastfeeding have to eat 10-12 times a day approximately each three hours. It is necessary to feed the newborn from 15 to 40 minutes, but you should not tighten too, the child has to suck a breast actively.

Walks are of great importance for children, they temper its organism, strengthen immunity, well influence nervous system. It is recommended to walk with the baby daily. It is possible to begin walks right after an extract from maternity hospital in the summer.

It is important to consider that the delay of a chair can be connected with reorganization of work of a gastrointestinal tract at the end of the first month of life of the kid. If the newborn is not capricious, he has an excellent appetite, the stomach is not blown up, it is necessary just to wait, all will be arranged.

Presently very few people swaddle children. However that who wishes to follow the example of mothers and grandmothers, not to do without diapers in any way. Even if not to swaddle the kid, all the same each parent has to have diapers. The question is in that how many diapers are necessary to the child?

In these cases it is necessary to dopaivat the kid. After feeding in 10 minutes it is necessary to offer the newborn approximately a water teaspoon. It is possible to give to drink to him from the pipette or a small bottle if it is impossible from a spoon. It is also necessary to give a little water to the child at a diarrhea, congenital jaundice, vomiting and temperature increase.

After four weeks it is possible to give to the child a little water. Especially it is relevant during a summer heat or if in the apartment dry air. If the kid feels well, he has enough milk, then water to it it is not necessary.

Walks should be done short, especially in the first days of life of the kid in the winter. If on the street it is more than-10 degrees, then it is possible to walk 5 minutes for the first time, then gradually increasing the time spent in the fresh air to an hour. If on the street it is too cold, you should not walk. If it is not possible to come for walk, it is possible to take out the child on a balcony.


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