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Published: 25.6.2018
good news: cats are useful to health

Who does not love cats, there are such? If yes, that is very strange people. The whole world loves cats! Cats subdued the Internet and I will not be surprised if once they subdue all Universe.

If at you is few friends, or not the loved one, or is, but you are forced to live at distance, your cat can facilitate feeling of loneliness. If you come to the empty house at the end of the day, communication with your cat can lighten you the mood.

Of course, people of science love cats too, and therefore study them and how communication with cats influences our life. As a result of researches scientists came to a conclusion that friendship with a cat positively affects human health. And even "the black cat" can be for you useful!

Communication with cats can lead to improvement of social support and decrease in a depression. Cats cause joy and laughter, especially when you play with them - all this will help your immune system to work better.

It is considered that cats & #8211; selfish and capricious animals. But owners of cats can not agree with it. Lyubov and companionship of a cat will help you to feel better in general and can lighten the mood and reduce feeling of a depression.

At the university of Minnesota the research defined that at owners of cats the risk of a stroke is one third lower, than at those who neglect them!

Diet and exercises & #8211; the right way to decrease in level of cholesterol and triglycerides, but cats helps with this hard business too. In 2006 the Canadian researchers found out that communication with a cat ponizheat cholesterol level better, than even some drugs.

Researches at the university of Minnesota defined that those who have no cat for 30-40% have more chances to die of cardiovascular diseases, than owners of cats. And death probability from sudden heart attack for owners of cats is also much lower.

And cats know when you feel bad and are capable to console you.

In today's quickly developing way of life where it is necessary to work more and to communicate less, interaction with an animal brings joy and creativity in our life. Care of a cat and hugs with a cat help to distract from own cares and to reduce the level of uneasiness and a stress.

People who own cats visit less often the doctor and hospital. And if are hospitalized, then recover quicker and write out them earlier. In general, their medical expenses are cut down.

Therapy of dogs meet rather often in nursing homes and at schools for especially needing, but there is also a therapy of cats. Cats know to whom it is necessary kind a murlyka!

Cats purr at a frequency between 20-140 Hz which, as we know, has medical effects. Bones heal better at 25 Hz and 50 Hz of frequency (and 100 Hz and 200 Hz are also useful). Soft fabrics, such as muscles, sinews and sheaves begin to live quicker at these frequencies. Infections and hypostases also recover better in this frequency range.

At children who are raised about cats (and dogs) the immunity on allergens at early age is developed. Respiratory diseases, including asthma, decreases at children who communicate with cats from the earliest age.

When you iron a cat, you calm down, thereby your blood pressure goes down. Scientists at the university of the State of New York in Buffalo in the research found a lowering of arterial pressure in examinees who ironed cats.

As a bonus & #8211; the children who grew up with pets develop great empathy to feelings of other people.

So, cats are useful to your health because they:

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