Amusing : as it is correct to connect, use and turn off service the child under supervision

Published: 23.8.2018
as it is correct to connect, use and turn off service the child under supervision

Modern children and teenagers differ in dependence on computers and gadgets & #8212; children's psychologists, teachers constantly draw the attention of parents to this problem. The alternative decision for many parents became employment of children in creative circles, sports sections, intellectual clubs.

the Included Child under Supervision mobile application will allow mothers and fathers:

In such a way the child will be protected from accidental "shadowing" as only those family members to whom he personally will give on this consent will be able to learn his location.

For parents who wish to find location of the offspring, several options of use of the application are provided:

But in this case to the forefront there is already other problem: the parents occupied at work cannot accompany children on the city on their out-of-school occupations therefore are forced to worry constantly for their safety.

The sequence of stages needs to observe, be not to passed strictly from previous to the subsequent, without having waited for the answer.

The description of the procedure giving an idea of how to connect service "The child under supervision", developers made available and simple. It is important to observe the sequence of actions, not to forget and not to miss details.

The service "the child under supervision" allowing to define the current location of their children according to the mobile phone in network will help to solve this problem of uneasy mothers and fathers.

At emergence of need to turn off service, for example, in case parents and children plan to be constantly nearby for a long time, it is necessary to use suspension function.

For use of expanded opportunities applications it is enough to family members to download and install the additional application.

It is possible to arrive and in a different way, having used the text in such message "to remove". Will be the fact that the system will give the command to remove with minus of such way of deactivation an option at all family members at the same time. Experts recommend to use other text of the message in this case: "to remove "name"", in this case the system will not exclude all family from the program, will only sort the specified subscriber.

The answer which will come to this message has to contain information on location of the wanted subscriber at present.

Parents will be able always to choose the most convenient and available to them at present service for positioning of the children, at the same time it is possible to find at the same time for all children connected to service and the certain offspring in case of need.

Order of receiving such consent simple, but obligatory:

The Child under Supervision service works on the mobile phone any, even idle time, models. There is enough only of that that the device was the GSM standard, at the same time installation and setting up additional programs is not required.

It is simple to make it: it is only enough to send the message with the text of "feet" on short number 7788.

For application connection it is necessary to pass several stages:

If parents and children use modern smartphones, then the range of opportunities of the application considerably extends:

Alarm of parents about the fact that in such a way anyone can watch their offspring even criminal persons, dispel developers of the application: the service "The child under supervision" will become available to parents only after the child gives on this consent.

Advantage of this way are the next moments:

Important aspect also the fact that kids are, as a rule, disseminated is considered and easily lose the mobile devices and gadgets. The service "The child under supervision" promotes not only to determination of its location, but will specify also location of the lost device.


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