Is curious: pluses and minuses of floors upon purchase of housing

Published: 21.8.2018
pluses and minuses of floors upon purchase of housing

From pluses - all this still the pleasant price and inexpensive work of loaders. From minuses: the polluted air and bad sound insulation. Also there is a chance that neighbors from below will turn the apartment into the non-residential premise. Unpleasant smells, cockroaches can appear from behind it.

They are very popular, from windows of apartments which are on these floors good views open, and breakage of the elevator does not represent a big problem. It should be noted that in the apartment there will be a lot of sunlight. It will help to save on the electric power. On these facts of the apartment on these floors call "golden mean" and on these floors it is possible to buy the apartment in Tyumen cheap.

Pluses. The first floor is more favorable upon purchase. Its price is 10-20% lower than other objects of the residential real estate. At emergence of the fire and other emergencies it is possible to be evacuated quickly as there is no need to walk upstairs and also to go in the elevator. It is easier to bring furniture to the apartment. If before a window there is a small territory for plants, they are usually given to inhabitants of the first floors. Also there is an economy on loaders. Delivery to the first floor, as a rule, manages free of charge.

For the choice of the floor it is important to consider such features as: number of elevators and existence of a fire protection system; an important factor at acquisition of housing on the top floor will be health. Accommodation on the top floors is not recommended to hypertensive persons.

If the roof over the apartment proceeds, then the probability of flooding of housing will be maximum; noise of the engine of the elevator will not bring joy. But there is also plus: there are no neighbors from above. It means that on a ceiling nobody will stamp.

Many people face a problem of the choice of the floor for the apartment to which are going to move. What floor is better? About it the speech will also go further.

From pluses it is possible to allocate a smart view of the city. But there are essential minuses. It is a waste of time for an exit to the street; breakage of the elevator gives a serious inconvenience; considerable difficulties at evacuation during emergency.

Except pluses, there are also accommodation minuses on the first floor. It is a lot of noise from the street and an entrance, need of installation of iron lattices on windows as there is a risk of penetration of criminals into the apartment. On the first floor in most cases there is no balcony. Very quickly at windows dust accumulates, and they need often to be washed. And one of the main minuses is an air pollution from automobile exhausts and tobacco smoke. Also there is a chance of appearance of vandals. People who draw on walls or are beaten by windows.


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