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Published: 13.12.2017
9 products from China which you never have to buy

Paragraph 8 me absolutely struck! 

Counterfeit Chinese rice looks as real.

Some producers use iron sulfate, and even human kcal for fermentation process acceleration.

Nearly 91% of the table salt arriving from China contain traces of heavy metals which increase risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension and high blood pressure.

P.S. And what products of the Chinese origin are never bought by you?

And if it is China and you were going to buy one of products of this list & #8211; refuse such invention better.

It contains the material similar to plastic, and, according to reports, is made by mixing of synthetic industrial pitch with potatoes that can lead to deadly consequences.

In the same way arrive also with mutton, but there initial raw materials & #8211; not pork, but meat of a rat, mink and fox.

In China to shrimps inject gel that they grew quicker. But it & #8211; it is toxic for a human body.

It contains melamine which has deadly consequences for a children's organism.

Its popularity increases literally in the eyes. But you should not buy that which is imported from China.

Ideally it is necessary to demand certificates of quality of products from the seller, The Epoch Times writes.

70% of the wines manufactured in China are counterfeit. They usually are made of cheap fruit juice.

The Chinese tapioca has the polychlorinated biphenyls, very dangerous substances which cause cancer in structure, worsen work of the immune system and lead to many other illnesses.

In China often pork is given for beef. They specially glaze it, changing appearance.

But a minimum which we can make, it to look at an expiration date and the country of the producer.

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