Novelty: the relations after the birth of the child deteriorated how to adjust

Published: 25.11.2017
the relations after the birth of the child deteriorated how to adjust

If the kid bustling, loud, and there is no help at all & #8212 at this time; so happens when the relations in family on the verge & #8212; just you breathe. Leave the shouting child for three minutes and you will look out in the opened window, put out the head, having morally disconnected and consciously having completely devoted these three minutes itself.

If independently there are enough neither forces nor energy to cope with a situation, ask for the help.

And forces will appear, and gloss in eyes will appear, and more and more in life will be happy minutes which then will unite in happy hours and further on - accruing. And you suddenly will notice that suddenly began to filter into the relations with the husband which as it seemed to you, it is already impossible to develop in clemency, at first a shy ray, and then more and more deep stream, love light.

Not each woman manages to remain organic with the firstborn's birth. It then when there is "grinding", revaluation of values, accustoming to a new rhythm of life and understanding that still will never be any more (but in it and charm), the woman will find herself anew and will reunite in herself all the forms again.

In fact, this only thing, as has to worry the woman as if with it everything is all right, then the rest will be completed by instincts and kind circumstances generated by her. But if there is no resource, then with a powerful share of probability everything will fly to devils - both a self-assessment, and health, and joy of life, and the strong relations.

We will understand one after another. Let's begin with the fact that mother today to be obviously more difficult psychologically, than throughout last centuries. Yes, in days of old mothers had no modern household appliances, pampers and other tricks and gadgets significantly facilitating life. But mothers seldom were isolated, fixated only on the child and walls.

And now main focus. Your body hears you. Always. Also gives an obratka. If you love it, it in reply generates more energy, produces more hormones of joy which so are necessary for you now. If you are in contact with the body and its feelings, act with it "at the same time", then it is easier for you to convince him to show firmness and to disconnect weight and pain at the moments when it is really necessary when concentration is necessary.

To the contrary, the body will prompt you that moment when it is possible and it is necessary to relax even if you in habitual whirl risk to pass this time. It it provided that you pay it attention on a regular basis which is treated kindly by you will make necessary biochemical reactions and to throw out those hormones which are necessary in order that you felt better and were in joyful high spirits. And after this also positive vital events will not keep themselves waiting.

Put yourself in a priority for yourself on a daily and regular basis, otherwise it does not work. You will not tell the phone - well suffer, pretty, today I will not load you, and I will load tomorrow. Phone will just be switched-off and will not carry out the functions, it is just that principle which you have to adopt also for yourself.

Lighting up your joint life and updated already you you again sharply felt happiness from the simple fact - to live. And the joy of a unification with each other at already new level where it is rich, everything is easy and good. You it are worthy and how to bring all this into the life, you know now. And also you know what to do when the relations suddenly after the birth of the child deteriorated.

In our days very often happens so that the woman begins to study for the first time treatment of the child when to her put her own on hands. And in fear follows at random a blind trial and error method, trusting not an inner voice, and to someone others from the outside who should not be trusted, often then trying to correct difficult experience already by the time of the second pregnancy. All this as if the pump extorts vital forces and joy from newly made mother.

And here complaint about intolerable living conditions, the exhausting life and lack of an outlet will not give anything. Even on the contrary will aggravate as we create around ourselves event just what is created in our head. And if in it entirely discontent, offenses and irritation, then - here you are, undersign.

Hello. With you Oksana Manoylo and a conversation will go at us about a situation when suddenly the relations after the birth of the child deteriorated. How to adjust? What to do?

It is just necessary to breathe the sky or to do salt trays for legs. Better everything together, but also separately is very powerful levers of impact on your resource which not only will keep you afloat, but also together with your general mood on themselves, will generate and increase considerably your energy.

First of all, accurately and categorically build yourself in a priority. Not the husband, and. I will repeat, you do not need to think of how your husband feels and how to make his life it is better. You need to think of how you feel and how to ensure a condition of comfort as often as possible.

You breathe. You pass together with the inhaled air all way on your body, since a nose tip to lungs and back. You breathe quietly and deeply. Inhale cool fresh air kind of to the glabellar area, there, where there is "the third eye", special very powerful segment there, its activation will give an additional resource. In three minutes the serious danger does not threaten your child, but without these three minutes & #8212; significantly threatens both him and you as power hunger of clemency neither in the field of health, nor in the field of events does not promise to anybody.

If your man has nothing from listed, then urgently reconsider priorities and begin to act because the fact that he did not run away yet - mere chance, perhaps he just faltered about a rug in the hall.

As we know, it is easier to cope with any difficulties when together when there are a support and mutual aid when respect and accord. But in what the reason and how to improve the relations with the husband after the child's birth when you together as if reached a deadlock? And it at that very moment when, appear, the love and light have to flow in family like water with the advent of small remains …

And much is not necessary actually. If near you the understanding husband, then discuss with him a possibility of daily leaving of the child with it for an hour. Let it will be that "mother's hour" when nobody touches you, despite of everything. Better at all for this time to leave from the house and to treat extremely consciously each of sixty minutes, having spent them literally is able "here and now".

But first very often happens so that joyful dreams of motherhood break against weight of life, fatigue, social closeness and the growing misunderstanding in family. Just the last point in this mournful list also weighs most of all.

It is important to organize the activity so that to use for rest any minute which to you is sprained. First it is stupidly a dream, in process of accustoming to a new role, it can be any activity which is not demanding a large number of time, but allowing "to switch" plus giving luxury, pleasure to a body. On corporal there has to be a concentration. It is a key to everything.

It later already when you learn to feel also your new space to such an extent that you will feel the shortage of creativity and you will be able to be engaged in it in the commonwealth with sleeping with the awake child (it is more of the second), you will be able to concentrate on sincere desires.

As air is required to the man an equal house background, the "feed" which is unconsciously generated by the happy woman. But it gets nothing as the woman, having appeared in a condition of survival, merges a stream of energy all the shoaled threadlike already to please to the kid, passing itself, by the way.

Yes, it still can by inertia and out of a debt to try to render the feasible help, but in it the irritation will unambiguously grow. And here it is useless to appeal to morals, it is even worse to strike "a pose of a sugar bowl" and with claims to broadcast that, say, I am tired, and you … "Full hungry not the companion" this saying is precisely appropriate here. The husband is hungry. It is hungry to a cosiness, tranquility, fullness and a kind state. And from the hungry man regardless of whether his stomach or power current is empty, it is not necessary to wait for good and keenness. Here also it turns out that a set of marriages give a fatal crack how in family the child appears.

Study on the Internet the principles Natural Roditelstva to meet lacks in knowledge of that, how exactly it is necessary to organize, according to an idea of the Nature and the Creator, life with the child. Thousands of ER of mothers will confirm that this knowledge is not cunning, but provide mutual tranquility, absence of children's diseases and a lucheniye with the joy of happiness of motherhood. It is simple, it is reliable, it is convenient, it is easy and it is correct because it is so conceived initially, and we just come back to sources.

If the kid small "мамсик" or for any other reasons at you is not present this treasured hour, then with pleasure agree to any even if short time of a privacy and switching. In several minutes it is possible to be in time a lot of things. It is possible and is necessary to be grounded. In more detail about it in our article about corporal practicians at transformation.

We considered probable causes of why the relations with the husband cracked after the child's birth. Also found out that the shortage of an energy resource at the woman - the main reason.

Together it saved everything from emotional "burning out" & #8212; the acute maternal issue of our days. Plus continuous transfer of experience of treatment of small children was indisputable plus of communal accommodation, or accommodation by big families. The girl often became a nurse for the kid, being still a child herself, knew how to look after, how to care, that it is correct in manner with the kid and what is not present that advantage, and that harm.

And it is not a whim women's. The woman and the child it the created interconnected symbiosis, and in a different way this mechanism does not work with the nature. The child will receive the anyway as without it to him simply not to survive. Another matter, why the woman in minus why the resource is not enough even not for the husband, no, - on itself. In it there is also a root only.

But first a body, his feelings and requirements - here your faultless indicator. There is a wish to sleep - you sleep when the kid sleeps. Legs hurt, so sit down, for God's sake, or even better lie down and dare to be consciously a starfish these fifteen minutes. With love an internal look scan your body and relax each aching muscle, encouraging and giving tenderness to the body as though it heard you.

Certainly, the imputed, loving man is capable to assess adequately a situation, to understand newly made reality and to feasibly facilitate female life at an accustoming stage. But if time goes, and the woman does not become back cheerful, filled and fresh, ready to give long-awaited "current", then the man begins "to run low".

Be adjusted on reception of signals from the body, be sensitive and attentive to it. And you will notice soon that at the critical moments the body is consolidated, and asks tendernesses and cares when indeed for this purpose there is a minute. And the critical moments becomes less.

If you, having entered motherhood, long time are not reconstructed and live from a state "minus", complain about life, accept adishche which is condensed around you, at the same time do nothing, except hand-wringing in a hysterics, and your husband still with you vigorous, cheerful, loving and careful, then option two here. Or open at it in a chest compartment the confidential valve and with gratitude wipe with a rag from dust all chips, or if your man nevertheless from flesh and blood, then wipe with the same rag with the same gratitude a nimbus to it over the head.

But family is not only mother and the child. It also the husband who is cut out by the Creator so that "to be recharged" from the woman energetically. Only in the quiet emotional field created by the woman, the man feels in balance, only this field is capable to move him on active and successful actions in out of, to instill confidence and to motivate on fulfillments.

Make such practice right now. Be powered by what is not enough for you.


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