New on the website: in Kiev teenagers cruelly beat the passerby of video

Published: 15.8.2018
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The company of teenagers attacked and cruelly beat the man near the subway Sports palace (Kiev). The woman who passed by tried to protect the man, but one of girls snatched also on her, and others began to threaten verbally.

Ya I will make the statement and I hope that the police after all will work in our wonderful country! If you know parents or these bad people, remember that they study in one class with your children! I ask to write names if you recognize someone! Thanks! I am alive, whole. Bruise пройдет».

Before it they threatened children in Gulliver and protection of shopping "center" stayed idle, trying to remove the conflict for Gulliver's zone where, actually, these morons as cockroaches, using effect of surprise, attack pack! Then they put up a mass fight under Gulliver. The police was called. At the same time they comment that they minors and to them all on & #8230; Then they run up as the same cockroaches & #8212; fulfilled схема».

I began to ask that stopped on what girls rushed and began to try to beat me. I called the police. They escaped, but at the metro station we met again and thanks to the man detained several. The behavior of these bad people has to be punished. I write that they did not avoid punishment!

Here that injured Ilona Silenko at herself on the page on Facebook wrote: & #171; Now I (in the subway in the room) Publish in office that you recognized the children, to be exact not children! Approximately at 20:00 & #8212; 20:10 of these bad people the company from 10-15 people ran for the man on my eyes and, having brought down him from legs, began to beat brutally him by legs on a liver, the head.

We will remind that earlier we wrote that it is possible to enjoy life irrespective of circumstances. Even if you are a dwarf, your wife the dwarf, your daughter the dwarf and future child will be born the dwarf too. Here such special family not just happily lives, and even became a star of Instagram. And though many ill-wishers come to their page, they learned not to pay attention to them, to be completely satisfied with the life, it rather loving family and profitable business. Read their history and watch a photo according to the reference.

As report in comments, it occurs not the first time. The same group of teenagers beat other man near the same shopping "center" before: & #171;2 January of this year witnessed the same attack of these morons on the man with the teenage boy leaving Gulliver shopping Center with the husband. Same persons! And "girls" same those!


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