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Published: 15.8.2017
how to find good work

"You not a tree - depart"! This phrase is told those who are not happy with the life situation.

Often the small amount of salary is caused only by 2 factors:

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5) All aforesaid assumes need to consider himself not simply employed, and the expert who is independently selling the knowledge, skills and the available experience (you learn to find independently for yourself the customer employer).

1) Not always there is a sense to improve the skills in a profession at which any more a future is absent (which is driven out of the market by new technologies);

And what to do next? At first it is necessary to find activity which attracts you.

Change the life. Because it will change only in the unclear and unexpected direction, i.e. not the fact at all that the happening changes will do you good.

2) The model of employment which assumed that the person all life will work in one field of activity (profession) consigns to the past;

And here is how to find it - rests against all this.

4) Constantly happening technological changes force us to pass to faster rhythm of change of activity (each 3-4 years it is necessary to revise critically the prospects of the stay in this or that industry);

Therefore by search of a new field of activity it is necessary to move in 2 of these directions (change of a kind of activity and change of the region) at once.

6) Therefore I recommend to you to master and to constantly perfect the skills of the self-presentation and sales (interpersonal communications, oratorical skill, identification and the analysis of needs of the customer) of

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Evstegneev Alexander Nikolaevich:

The barrier getting of many families in the way to their financial wellbeing are a low income.

Quit the job (why there to work if the low wage and does not remain free time on a side job?)

3) The high competition in the field of unqualified work (migrants, including internal migrants, dump - they are ready to work for ultralow salaries even under bad working conditions);

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