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Published: 7.4.2019
post-traumatic syndrome

Certainly, at the same time everything that occurs in life as concentration on an object of pain is too big depreciates. Incommensurably for forces of the person. Therefore independently it is impossible to cope with a syndrome. And even the loving close people will not help. Work with the expert is important.

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Hello, dear readers! Passion in psychology this steady feeling, inhuman thirst for something. Gluttony, greed, envy, arrogance - all this passions. Today we will talk to you about them and быть…

Characteristic sign is the feeling of own helplessness, deep emotional pain. You know, the most exhaustive and clear explanation is offered by literature. Here that state which in books describe "it as if broke off it on a part".

Earlier similar violation was diagnosed for the military personnel, after contemplation of horrors of war and also for the victims of accidents of different character, acts of terrorism.

Therefore say that from war return others. However, manifestations of a post-traumatic syndrome (PTS) meet also at ordinary people. To understand that you have this problem whether my article will help the person has some frustration.

Sometimes the tendency to the use of narcotic substances or alcohol as way to be forgotten is observed. However, it depends on the personality. Some can find rescue in extreme acts. How how to get rid of a depression, it is possible to read here.

The post-traumatic syndrome is a serious mental disorder which arose because of the injuring situation sharply other than all previous experience, it could be disposable or repeated repeatedly.

I hope, you were not frightened by my article. I consider, it is better to answer truthfully the questions posed, than it is vain to encourage. Consequences at which the person did not cope with shock can be awful.

PTS can arise both at children, and at elderly people. In a type of certain biological features. It is the most vulnerable group.

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By the way, in my opinion, this state in the book by N.V. Tarabrina "Psychology of a post-traumatic stress" is most capaciously described.

Hello, dear readers! A subject which I want to light today it is impossible to call cheerful, it pushes on serious reflection about life. Life does not stand still, and is followed by numerous changes. They are positive, are negative, but anyway we adapt to them. But what to do if after the certain event life cannot be former any more? And the person cannot reconcile to reality in any way, to endure loss and to move further?

My position concerning all this rather accurate - it is necessary to address the psychologist. In certain cases - to the psychiatrist.

Sometimes without medicines not to cope here, at first it is necessary to stabilize a state, and then already to study a problem. But treatment in itself by national methods will not help. The problem is in mentality. The stressful period can proceed for years. Taking into account it, it is better to perform treatment for half a year up to several years.

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The truth sounds awfully? All these cases are united by one: strong, heart-breaking suffering with which in any way not to cope.

Everyone though in time of life has what cardinally unsettles then it is impossible to be former. How to distinguish: it is just turning point, or this action of a post-traumatic syndrome? Article "How Independently to Define Presence of Neurosis" will be not superfluous.

The person is capable of a lot of things, believe, dear readers. But this frustration is outside opportunities. A supersevere trauma with which not to cope without expert.

Asked me somehow a question whether it is possible to treat a syndrome, placing emphasis on physiology, using for example, treatment by bloodsuckers. Folk remedies in this case can render only effect of placebo and take away the patient from an opportunity to really improve the state.


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