From our readers: real estate prices in northern Cyprus in 2018

Published: 9.4.2019
of real estate price in northern Cyprus in 2018

Creation of certain favorable conditions for foreigners serves as an incentive in order that more people got the real estate in Northern Cyprus. It will become not only favorable investment of capital, but also an opportunity to live in the most picturesque corner of the world. And considering high education level and legislations, softness of climate, low expenses on payment of utilities, food, and rest, there are no doubts in correctness of the choice of the place for residence.

the English and Turkish legislative system created certain conditions. Therefore it is necessary to ask for the help those lawyers who work at the real estate market of specifically Northern Cyprus.

Hello, Alexander. Very good article! If only the nobility of builders and lawyers whom it is not terrible to address.

The contract is formed in two options - on Turkish or English and Russian. The document has data on an object, terms of transaction, the property size, payment, guarantee conditions, an opportunity to bring communication and penalties. The payment option - cash, by means of the credit or a mortgage is surely specified.

It is necessary to consider that besides restrictions in a size, there is still a ban on multinumber of storeys and distance to the coast. Costs of a constructed facility vary within 500 - 2000 pounds sterling for sq.m. Generally at construction of houses in Northern Cyprus use the strengthened reinforced concrete framework.

Though it is the best of all for movement across Northern Cyprus to use services of lease of the car.

And thanks to opening of the Erdzhana airport tourist flows considerably increased at the expense of the arriving Germans and Italians.

Builders in this country created the whole association allowing quietly without being afraid to lose the capital to get primary housing. They observe all laws, the requirements and construction standards are fulfilled. It should be taken into account positive and the downside of acquisition of housing from the builder. Treat pluses:

All additional expenses expecting future owners of the real estate in this country are known not to all. For example, for services of the lawyer it is necessary to give about 1 350 pounds sterling.

The majority of the offered housing has furniture. It obligatory the built-in kitchen and all necessary household appliances.

Touching upon a children's subject, It is necessary to tell that in the territory of the country 6 higher educational institutions which are recognized in Europe are located.

There are in Northern Cyprus and elite country houses with a set of bedrooms and additional rooms, with a total area up to 1000 square meters. The prices of such real estate depend on where it is located and what it is constructed of.

The important moment is obtaining the residence permit in the automatic mode for children of the person who got the real estate in Northern Cyprus.

The legislation of the country allows to get to the foreigner no more than one object, up to 1 338 sq.m. It concerns the land plot.

Outlets are open from 8 in the morning to 6-7 in the evening. Banks work from 8:00 up to 12.00-15.30, seasonally. Various state institutions accept visitors from 7:30 till 14:00, and then from 15:30 till 18:00 on Mondays, on Tuesday and Wednesday the working day only till 14:00.

Compulsory health insurance in the country is absent, but it is planned to be entered in the nearest future. The emergency medical care is provided in any clinic free of charge, irrespective of existence of an insurance or its absence.

Therefore the prices are happy different. Great demand for country houses, up to 150 square meters. They have three-four sleeping, capacious kitchen and the hall with the small pool in the yard.

Bedrooms with convenient cases where the clothes are stored. And the integral attribute of the Cypriot real estate - existence of a fireplace or the furnace.

Wealthy citizens of other countries, in particular, of England, developed this territory for a long time. 80 percent of the real estate in Northern Cyprus belong to British.

The real estate market in this country is very different and presented various level and the sizes of apartments and country houses. How many berths to housing, the same quantity will be also rooms. In addition, in each dwelling there is a hall and existence of the hall is obligatory. The bathroom, as a rule, one on two sleeping.

From all this it is possible to draw a conclusion that purchase or construction of the real estate quite available, and for someone and a favorable action.

The appendix is contained by the plan of the site, documents of objects and the specification. The lawyer checks data on encumbrances (existence or absence), pledges and restrictions. After completion of all checks and preliminary signing by both parties, it is necessary to submit papers to the Ministry.

Apartments in the country are, as a rule, located in apartment houses. Two-room are in great demand. Least of all get one-room and vice versa, multiroom apartments. Their number and level of finishing influences the prices - 25000 - 200000.

Many thanks for useful information. I wish you good luck! With gratitude, Victoria. St. Petersburg, Russia.

An opportunity to be in the territory of other country, and to lease the acquired housing will become additional plus in such event as purchase of property in this country. At the same time it is possible not to look for persons interested to remove it independently, and to address to the agency. Some more good points connected with purchase of the real estate:

And now about minuses:

It is possible to reach Northern Cyprus by means of the plane or the ferry. The best time for beach vacation - May - October.

Construction of housing on the own project will allow to realize the dream. Though it is necessary to enclose means much more, than upon purchase of already ready real estate. But, looking in the future, if desired subsequently to sell it, problems with it will not be as such property is bought quicker, than standard.

All of them are certified, have the international statuses and also the European and American accreditation. At the same time the choice of faculties is huge - from creative professions to law and business with granting considerable discounts for training concerning foreigners.

Absence of the experts speaking Russian that will complicate communication. Not always the builder will explain the available rights of the client. An opportunity to come across bankrupt construction company.

Knowing all this, it is possible to be prepared and ask everything for the help in advance Russian-speaking independent lawyers who will secure against the possible unpleasant moments.

All is beautiful on pictures! Build as and in general. Who needs the residence permit in the unrecognized state? People, before buying the real estate, live there since a half-year and you all will understand!

And in 2 years after the translation of housing addressed to the buyer, payment of the commission - 6 percent from the amount of transaction is provided. Additional expenditure:

In addition, it is possible to take a cab or to drive on public transport which is presented by minibuses.

In Northern Cyprus the European standard of living and service, including medical services. Free of charge serve in the state clinic only citizens of the country. Tourists and business guests will have to receive a medical insurance. Though It should be noted that it covers little, just it is more favorable to pay on the place for the rendered service.

The great value for pricing for housing plays completeness level. Respectively, to the empty apartment or the house it will be possible to put furniture and the equipment at discretion. The factors influencing the prices:

Prices of them of 80 000 - 120 000 pounds sterling. Such property will be optimum both for investment of capital and for comfortable stay. There are houses 10 times less in places where weak infrastructure. The prices of them begin with the sum in 50 thousand. The inconvenient arrangement is filled with the big sizes reaching sometimes 160 sq.m.

Traffic in the country left-side with the international road signs. It is possible to gather the maximum speed on the route to 100 km/h. It is obligatory to be fastened by a seat belt. It is impossible to take the wheel if more than 50 milligrams of alcoholic beverages were drunk. The obligatory insurance of the car is provided.

It is possible to get to private institution on telephone record or in the clinic on a queue. Prices of rendering medical services rather low. Besides that quality of top-level service, and hospitals are equipped with the high-precision equipment.


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