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Published: 9.2.2019

And what if we instead of punishment of children there was a meditation? Sounds strange? From generation to generation we adhere to the same mode & #171; коррекционной» works on behavior of our children that they could study on the mistakes.

This brilliant offer appeared at the American school, the "center" of early development of Robert Coleman. The project was carried out with assistance of Holistic Life Foundation non-profit organization.

Society progresses, people change, education becomes more and more chelovekooriyentirovanny and teaching methods keep up to date too.

The principal noted that the behavior of pupils at school considerably improved, they became less irritable, and, above all, they could reflex over the bad acts.

We will give a little from them below, and you will understand why too it will be very useful for children to put meditation into practice:

Even reading this article, you see, you continue to consider the yoga, meditation and similar occupations connected with our spiritual component, nonsense and nonsense, ourselves cultivate in ourselves such representations.

Meditation helps to calm down and overcome a stress which anyway gets into our life. She helps us to cope with uneasiness and groundless concerns.

However this type of sanctions in many respects already gave in as it lost a certain share of trust to itself. Now it becomes even more often simple to children to stand ridiculously in a corner and to look in a wall or on hundred times to rewrite the offer from a series & #171; I will not stir in time урока» any more;.

And now time to set main вопрос… came; Whether you will Be able to replace habitual punishments with meditation or not?

As you can see, the adult is to what too to learn on occupations meditation. You can provide all this to the children!

Meditation demands from us high concentration of attention and the real interest in self-knowledge.

But as opening eyes on the truth and to cease to push away all & #171; новое»? Are sure that you realize advantages of similar occupations!

Meditation & #8212; it not just to sit in silence and to think (as many imagine it). This process is much wider and deeper. It allows to know better itself(himself), to open strong and weak стороны…

Children learn to be quieter and to control so-called & #171; flashes гнева». Hysterics happen to these children already much less often. They not just learn to focus on the present, to reject the past and not to think of the future. It helps them to be more concentrated during the occupations. They learn to appreciate the smallest and things insignificant at first sight which surround them. They cease to be eager for what in fact is not so necessary for them. They become capable to empathize, understand feelings of the friends better and become kinder, generous. The egoism which is so peculiar to many children stands aside. Children know themselves better, learn to understand the thoughts and feelings. All this helps them to realize that sometimes they do wrong and that there is no sense to look for guilty, and it is necessary to undertake responsibility for the actions. They learn to understand that mistakes are inevitable, but that they are a push to development, to new attempt, there is no limit to perfection. They learn to set, at last, before themselves the real, healthy purposes (and try to obtain them), avoiding, thus, bitterness разочарований…

But do not forget that not only adults, but also children appear under big pressure. Also it is unknown to whom in this situation it is necessary heavier.

Actually many parents could meditate together with the children, without leaving the house. But the problem is that the majority considers that at them & #171; is not present on it времени» and still it is simple to them to master laziness some new & #171; сомнительные» technicians (when is that is called & #171; checked временем»).

Room of consciousness (mindful)

And now the moment that also children began to apply one of ways which help us, the adult, to cope with the problems came. It is about meditation.

There is a special room and children who behaved badly exactly there go, did not do homework or decided to fight, for example. It is called & #171; room сознания» (or, if more precisely than understanding).

Do you ask how in general it is possible that such initiative could make success? Actually teachers doubted advantages of application of this technique too.

Children such stubborn and disobedient as it is possible to force them to sit quietly, it is simple to breathe & #8212; same it is so boring! And nevertheless results surpassed all expectations.

Let's not forget that our small penises of society have to have time for carelessly to rejoice and enjoy life. Of course, they need to get an education, but constantly is in an educational class, and after attend out-of-school classes can tire and beat off strongly them any hunting to what they do (even if at the beginning at them and there was a genuine interest).

In this educational institution teachers are recommended to use meditation instead of any punishments.

Sometimes, their anger leads to quarrels with peers or to opposition with teachers. And to it there is always a variety of reasons and circumstances which they had to face.

But here it should be noted that they are mistaken and lose sight of the fact that this practice is really necessary and very useful. It is not waste of time at all.


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