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Published: 9.5.2018
sex in marriage

Sex in marriage can be better, than ever. It not rocket production, so, any can be good in it, and all of us can continue to improve the skills. Actually, it is a part of work of the married person because good sex is a part of a basis of good marriage. Here 10 ways to recover your sex life - from basic to more advanced.

While some people have to plan sex to be convinced that it occurs, there is something concerning about sex with your partner unexpectedly. If your husband is in the bathroom, preparing for work, and you rub him, push him to a wall and kiss him, and it leads to sex directly then there, both of you will begin day with a smile. Some couples even to enjoy sex in public places. But it can become risky because if to catch you, it is illegal. Your sofa or a kitchen table in the middle of the day & #8211; the best alternatives.

At the same time it it is easier to tell achievement of an orgasm, than to make. But if the woman can receive an orgasm (it usually more difficult for her), and she gives to the husband fair prevention that it will occur, it can be able to reach an orgasm with her. It strengthens the moment and really the feeling as one has two of you (without telling already feeling as a star porn). Eventually, you will probably fail in each other hands from exhaustion - and to have the best dream ever.

Sex has to be something to what you look forward. A prelude is what excites and anticipates the main event. It should not be limited for 15 minutes before you want to have sex. You can begin day with sexual text messages (I think, MMS with the candid photo or by e-mail, expressing as your hot husband looked as both of you left for work).

It can seem obvious, but you will be surprised by the number of married people who get stuck in a track, carrying out the same combination of positions again and again. Is more to sex, than the missionary and the woman at top. You can try the return cowboy or dog style or the course which you watched on TV - or something what Sting spoke about. Business is in trying a new sexual position and to look if and to your husband or the wife it is pleasant to you.

In this crazy world you not always have time for marathon sex. It does not mean that you have to go without. The excellent potboiler in lunch hour or just before departure for work can leave you feeling fresh and satisfied. Young women who have problems with achievement of an orgasm with quickly can still find pleasure in sex and proximity which they feel to the husband.

The prelude often comes to an end with both partners, carrying out oral sex on the friend. Sometimes people take oral sex for granted, but it can be quite pleasant and can really put people, especially women, in mood for sex. When performing a cunnilingus to the woman, men have to abstain from acceptance stuck movements with language. Slower, more quiet movements usually more best. Women, while carrying out a fellyation on the person, it is necessary to keep, of course, the teeth from a male penis and to use the lips and language, but not. Both men, and the woman who carry out oral sex it is necessary to use the hands for increase in experience. Let your partner conduct you with instructions so you know that he or she prefers.

To carry sexual lingerie or silk boxers (or in general nothing) under your working clothes or sweats will even help you to feel sexual and a little disobedient. It will put you in mood for sex and during the day will be at you anticipating the moment when you, at last, to receive sex. It will also serve as a fine surprise as your husband or wife undresses you. White cotton grandmother's shorts, eventually, can really kill mood.

There is a certain level of comfort and pleasure which comes with vanilla sex - yours start of a mill married on sex. It should not be a shame to you if it works for you. When your sex in marriage, apparently, became monotonous or you feel that you too try. It is better to return to bases & #8211; to positions and a prelude which always suited both of you. If in sex well, eventually, better to change nothing everything.

Again together or as in the relations not to repeat last mistakes

In addition to we speak about sex and to share the sexual fantasies, you and your husband or the wife have to say more in general. Improvement of your communication and communication with each other will more often force you to feel more closely to each other. It will make you more intimate and probably less inhibited in the bedroom - or where you prefer to make love.

And if desire to add some peppercorn to the relations is stronger and stronger, look at these sexual ideas.

There is nothing bad in attraction the vibrator in a bed with you or to receive Kentucky jelly to make sex less painful, or just more stimulating. Some couples to enjoy viewing in sex shops together to find elements which could improve the sexual life. Everything, from chocolate body colors to whips and chains, is available these days, and with your husband or the wife you should not feel awkwardly. But you have to discuss what things will be pleasant to both of you, and any of you should not feel forced to participate if to you it is inconvenient.


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