Improving practice, the most readable

Published: 27.12.2018
improving practice

I spread the remarkable video from our summer exit training travel "Good luck, live richly".

Well and I show to

there useful improving (omoloditelny) practice which everyone can make at home - the main thing that near at hand there was a refrigerator

Look what there high mountains, what fast rivers what fantastic people were with us!

just I work as the wizard  and it very much is pleasant to me!

for viewing of video press a black triangle in the "center"

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Alexander, when you visit your website when you watch video or you listen to an audio material, you are involuntarily loaded with energy and desire to lead the same full-fledged and interesting life. Thanks for that & #171; magic пендель» which you constantly give. It really motivates!

Good luck, live richly!

Beautifully! At us in Altai too beautifully and too high mountains. Went to do & #171; омолодительную» to the practician 


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