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Published: 27.8.2017
life as surprising project

On a training "My Life as the Surprising Project", you receive tools for self-improvement, self-realization, the independent solution of the arriving questions, tasks, desires.


and being able to solve independently arriving problems, to use and work with information, the person always evolves, transforming all events with it to the Resource of the Personality. A training "My Life as the Surprising Project" helps to develop the natural scale in which potential will be realized and will be realized. Without excess theory. Only what works, and only what you could apply at once. All practical course solves one specific objective - "to make life the fascinating project". Not training is a direct implementation of skill in life. On a training you will be able: - To realize itself. To realize sides of interactions, to see and understand borders of processes, situations and phenomena. - To see the source of problems starting all lump of failure in other spheres of life. - To use tools of design thinking in any situation. - To analyze situations upon manifestation. - To transform mistakes to a resource for the movement further. - To work with the information flow - to be able correctly to form basic data of any desire for its manifestation in reality. Result - balance, stability, confidence, cheerfulness, expansion of opportunities, the fast solution of objectives through inflow to life of the necessary elements for their decisions, a pacification and at the same time activity and speed. Methods: & #8212; Conscious work with информацией— Playing real ситуаций— The Solution of objectives in группе— Visual aid. Demonstration of the main method. Independent primeneniye2 full day & #8212; 16 hours


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