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Published: 27.10.2018
dual citizenship Russia and Kazakhstan: whether it is possible to receive it in 2019

My man lives in Russia. On I will arrive to Kazakhstan we want to submit the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE. What problems it is necessary to face if to obtain dual citizenship? And whether will give it in general?

Practice shows that many Kazakhstan citizens do not submit the application on an exit and gain dual citizenship illegally. The purpose of such frauds in most cases is thirst of easy money (for example, pension payments, the social help on the child, etc.), but not banal desire to move freely.

In Part 1 of Article 6 of the Federal Law "About Nationality" of May 31, 2002 it is defined what bipatrid is considered by Russia only as the resident of the Russian Federation. The second passport within borders of the Russian Federation does not give any advantages and has no validity and also does not exempt from duties in territories of both states.

It is possible to make it in 2019 personally on inclusion in FMS, by means of the state Russian Post or on the Internet, having entered a private office of the Uniform Portal of Public services.

Thus, the dual citizenship between the Russian Federation and RK actually is not recognized as the law, but exists. It is caused by gaps in the procedure of getting out of the previous nationality and the actual refusal of it.

The procedure of refusal of nationality, only already Kazakh also those who wish to undergo naturalization are forced to pass and to receive the passport of other state. For this purpose the following documents will be necessary:

It is necessary to hope that with development of the Eurasian Union in its territory in 2018 the dual citizenship will be integrated, and both Russians, and Kazakhstan citizens will be able to become lawful bipatrida. About it in RK there is already a developed project of modification to the Law "About Nationality".

At the same time the legislation of the USA, Canada, Turkey, Morocco, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Poland, Hungary and France provides very loyal attitude towards multiple nationality. And here some countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, take a position of "a legal vacuum" in this question, they do not encourage dual citizenship and ignore.

Since August, 2014 in Russia the law on concealment of second citizenship in the Russian Federation which says that all Russians registered in the homeland, accepted in foreign citizenships or living according to the residence permit abroad have to notify on it migration service annually began to work.

I want one country, but at least 2 nationalities.

The applicants who are constantly living in the Russian Federation will be able to hand over the red passport within a year, and petitioning from abroad in the presence of the residence permit - in 6 months.

After acquisition of the Kazakhstan citizenship the national passport and information on the made decision is sent to the foreign state.

The president who forbade the decree is guilty of everything, and the aulny parliament supported him.

The dual citizenship is forbidden by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and it is even punishable, sanctions in the form of penalties and also deprivations of nationality according to the court verdict are for this purpose provided. Persons interested to receive the blue passport should write the application for getting out of former nationality (except for minors, incapacitated, experts from the established list of professions, repatriates or caused a stir in special merits before RK).

At the legislative level in the Russian Federation the second citizenship is not forbidden, but to receive the red passport, it is necessary to confirm getting out of the operating nationality.

In the people there is an opinion that between the states neighbors there is a certain agreement or the international treaty on dual citizenship. Actually, the present legislation of RK (The constitution and the Law "About Nationality") directly forbids acquisition of second citizenship, whether it be Russian or Belarusian or any other, and on this matter between Russia and Kazakhstan is not reached arrangements.

Many are brought to delusion by the quadrilateral Agreement on the simplified acceptance order to nationality, though in it is accurately registered "with simultaneous loss of nationality of other Party". Therefore, it is illegal to have two passports - Russian and Kazakhstan.

Getting out of nationality is not allowed if the applicant:

For example, Russia has such international contracts only with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Owners of passports of the different countries in the Russian Federation are not allowed to hold posts in public services.

The question of second citizenship in Kazakhstan since 2019 for many Kazakhs became even more essential as its settlement happens with assistance of authorized bodies of the Russian Federation. Neighboring countries integrated databases of migration services to control and prevent attempts of obtaining passports at the same time on both sides of border.

Foreigners who owing to various circumstances need to be systematically in Kazakhstan are recommended to receive the residence permit.

Sanctions in a double size (200 MRP) are inflicted on the officials who issued the second passport. In certain cases expatriation, i.e. short or long-term exclusion out of borders of the country can be applied.

After obtaining the passport of other country it is necessary to notify throughout three working days on it the corresponding state institutions in the homeland or abroad and to hand over the Kazakhstan certificate.

The world practice demonstrates that the ban of dual citizenship is widespread as in the developed countries (Japan, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria Spain, Norway), and in developing (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, China, Thailand, Malaysia).

Around this innovation the set of discussions is conducted, forecasts of possible introduction of the ban for obtaining the second passport become. Nevertheless, it is only guesses, and they are not connected in any way with reality as the Government of the Russian Federation assures that it does not intend to eradicate institute of dual citizenship. And succession of events in the migration sphere, however, as well as can go to others in any direction.

In other words, double and second citizenship on rules of international law - unequal concepts. The dual citizenship has to be settled at the interstate level in the form of the agreement and define the rights and duties of citizens of two parties.

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