we Remove cellulitis from a stomach, hips, buttocks, from our readers

Published: 5.10.2018
a laminaria for wrapping: we remove cellulitis from a stomach, hips, buttocks

The second look is usually combined with other ingredients, for example, it can be other seaweed or clay.

Wrappings the laminaria is considered one of the most effective remedies allocated for fight against a fatty layer and cellulitis. But not only these problems are fixed by this procedure, it still promotes pulling up and elasticity of skin.

The first look well removes puffiness, saves from fatigue, and the second - adjusts a figure and brings toxins and slags out of an organism.

If you have no opportunity to visit beauty shop, do not despair, it is possible to execute wrapping by a laminaria in house conditions. Such procedure does not concede saloon at all, and, above all, its cost will be much lower.

As you can see, recipes from a laminaria are quite simple in preparation, and the procedure does not take a lot of time. For obtaining the first results it is necessary to carry out at least 8 procedures. Be patient and persistent, and already very soon you will note a postroynevshy silhouette and tenderness of skin.

The first look represents the dried-up leaves which kept all useful properties of a fresh product. This look is more often applied in fight against cellulitis.

Before the procedure it is necessary to prepare skin, for this purpose it is necessary to take a bath with sea salt then to purify skin with a srub.

This product has the small list of contraindications:

Rules on preparation and holding a procedure with a sheet laminaria:

A laminaria - a sea cabbage which belongs to the class of brown seaweed. This perennial plant contains in structure many vitamins, minerals, including such iodine, necessary for an organism.

Rules on preparation and holding a procedure with the micronized laminaria:

For wrapping there are 2 types of a laminaria:

It is used not only as food product, but also widely applied in nonconventional medicine and cosmetology. Substances which are contained by this product bring toxins, excess water out of an organism, promote burning of fatty deposits. There are two main types of this procedure:

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