Updating: Anastasia dmitriyeva about the teacher and apprenticeship

Published: 13.9.2017
anastasiya of Dmitriyev about the teacher and apprenticeship

As our internal "navigator" article which made a deep impression, experience of life of significant people, any knowledge can act. In terms of energy nothing accidental happens. Even if the person has an idea about Uchiteli it means that some experience already is. Mentors accelerate our way. It is possible to go on it independently, it can take much more time and, not the fact that you know where to go.

As it is good that you touched upon this subject. When I began to teach, I understood this responsibility. I had only 4 months of personal experience at that time. Before each occupation I was adjusted and asked God to help me to conduct a lesson so that my personality, my judgments, my restrictions did not influence people in any way. I tried to impart knowledge in the maximum purity.

The mind can doubt, changes always happen through discomfort. Sometimes you think, I on the spiritual way, the love grows, everything is good, and then there is a person who begins to irritate strongly, he is the same pupil of the favourite Master, it is necessary to interact, work, love with it. Here also spiritual growth, through a prayer, meditation, a spirit begins. After such experience you begin to perceive everything on another, to put mind "into place".

I recommend to watch these movies:

When there is an internal trust, all of us perceive as divine will. Meditation directs our attention inside, creates internal dialogue with itself, with the internal Teacher. During meditation it is possible to ask manuals, wisdom, the help to find that person who is necessary on life, the help to avoid mistakes. It is possible to ask God to take by hand and to carry out for itself.

Now people value freedom and are afraid to follow the Teacher for fear to lose this freedom. But about what freedom we speak? When we are so tied to the desires, restrictions of mind, habitual reactions. We get stuck in restrictions which do not allow new to come to our life. Just new knowledge leads to true freedom.

4. Brother Badzhrangi (2015).

2. Mary Magdalene (2018).

It is impossible to judge the choice of other person. We can think that the hermit's life is easy, it does not bring benefit to society. Maybe he at himself in a cave creates such stream of love which facilitates life to many people.

Anyway during a way we get experience necessary for us. Even if we made a mistake in terms of mind. But question: "If all of us equally go on a spiritual way why not to fill this way with love and joy? Why to choose pain and sufferings? It is necessary to choose to be as happy! & #187;

Some come to a spiritual way and are ready to give up work, family, children. Gurudzhi says: "Remain at the works, start families, care for children. It is that Favour which you already have. It is not necessary to think out anything. You just learn to love in all this. Divine is present with you in each moment of life."

I teach yoga and I understand what is responsibility life the Teacher. It is necessary to think 1000 times before to give some advice or the comment.

Well and by tradition what to esteem, look at this subject?

As soon as the mind begins to doubt, introduces estimated judgments, the Teacher reminds that the love is important that the person distracted from the purpose, inspires, gives on this way will settle. The teacher is careful mother who always is near and is ready to bear on hands.

It is very individual. There is such cliche when we follow a way of development, we need to choose either one, or another. The human mind lives in the world of duality, in the world of the choice. As in the world everything is arranged for spiritual development, each soul passes the individual personal experience. We do not know on what we are ways.

Nastya, I am very glad to our meeting. Every time after communication with you I carry away many new ideas, vdokhnoveniye, insights. I hope, as well as readers of my blog.

In Vedic culture the attitude towards the Teacher differs from the Western world. In India when the child is born and reaches 3-4 years, he is sent to an ashram to the Teacher. He lives in an ashram or the monastery, practices yoga, meditation, learns laws of the universe. By 20 years of people reaches a certain internal realization. He is ready to bring the gained knowledge to the world, makes family, children, takes an active position in society. There comes later the renunciation stage when the person devotes himself to spiritual development.

Whether there is a difference between the man and the woman? We have different tasks in this world? To go a spiritual way whether it is necessary to refuse family?

The happy person has the base while the mind of the negative person sways here and there. The negative mind does not allow to get stronger, increase in force. Force to be spent for fears and disappointments.

I had no doubts. I accepted the Teacher at once. Most likely, thanks to experience not only this life, and many lives because in 23 years I had no knowledge base, social or spiritual realization. The trust which I felt then was not called in question.

Purpose of a spiritual way & #8212; love?

Share the experience, please. How did you find the spiritual way?

I welcome you, dear friends!

If the person, really, wishes to realize himself in a family way - it needs to be done. If your way family, to you surely meets the adherent.

There is an illusion that it is easier for one to be. Masters say that you can go this way only for one reason if your family is many times more than that that you could create in the classical way. If you are ready to such responsibility, such choice, then you can go to this party.

The teacher will never give direct council. To do and so. It happens extremely seldom. The teacher always tries to return the person to himself.

It is necessary to give carefully advice even if you about them are asked. Not to borrow some of the parties in a dispute at all. It is possible to answer, but not directly. To thank for the fact that the person shared and to tell that better him nobody will be able to understand this situation. To recommend to develop an intuition, to open the warm "center". Then there will be less questions, intuitive understanding will appear how to behave at work, in family.

If the person is closed, does not make contact, nothing can be made. We cannot change someone if the person does not want to change. We can just be near.

There has to be an internal response. The teacher will extremely seldom tell: "I am your Teacher, follow me". The teacher calls for love, spiritual development. Purpose of life & #8212; to increase in Lyubov. Not important, than the person is engaged, important how many love he puts in it. It is necessary will learn to show love.

If the person wants to become happier, but does not know what to begin with, it is recommended to do what is pleasant, inspires, develops, to find for this occupation time and to put love. What we pay attention to, develops. Once the spiritual way will be shown, or in the form of the Teacher, or internal knowledge.

For that knowledge which I possess I am obliged only to Favour of the Teacher. As well as at many & #8212; it was & #171; happy случай». One person shared the experience with me, and I felt an internal response, the intuitive trust thanks to his sincerity appeared. About it I wrote in article earlier: Anastasia Dmitriyeva about meditation and a spiritual way of the person.

3. Hut (2017)

Wonder: "How I feel?", "As I develop?", "What experience I in it gain?", "Why there was this situation and what I can make to change it to the best?" It is necessary to learn to take responsibility for the actions, to analyze a situation. It increases sensibleness and does us better.

As Gurudzhi speaks, the friend is not the one who cries together with you over your grief, and the one who tries to distract you, to switch from this problem. Also in family

Today we met Anastasia Dmitriyeva again to have a talk about a spiritual way of the person, yoga, meditation and development.

From books & #8212; "Autobiography of the yogi" Paramakhans Yoganand.

Nastya, whether it is necessary to share knowledge with people?

The guru will never insist on a certain choice. In it his endless love and patience is shown.

Practice for the Teacher - an integral part. If the Teacher himself does not practice, it will be difficult to it to impart knowledge. People are very susceptible now, they accurately understand where "policy", scenery and where something real.

Here it would be desirable to bring up a question of the internal Teacher. In each of us there is an internal Teacher & #8212; our intuition. It is not necessary to become attached to the external Teacher, to his embodiment in a physical body, important to find it in itself.

The love is the only need of the person. It is our essence. It is necessary to aspire to what in us responds, not to spend valuable time of our life for what makes us unfortunate.

I thought earlier: "If the person has some way, it needs to pass certain circumstances, God means foreknows that will happen to each of us. Why then It allows things which take away us aside?" Because God has a plan a, b, s, d and td. In life defined points we make decisions, we make the choice which affects our destiny. Depending on the made decisions the way can be short, long, twisting, around. As navigator. 

How to distinguish the Teacher how to trust in him?

There is no culture of apprenticeship now. Everything calls modern mind in question. Material benefits captured attention of people. To meet the real Teacher & #8212; big rarity and value. On the other hand, to everything that we know and we are able to do, we learned at someone. Each person on our way - the Teacher

I asked this question. Earlier I was sure that obligatory realization of the woman - to be mother. Now I see stories of women who devoted themselves to service to God. My outlook becomes broader every day.

5. Father of the Pнo / Padre of Pнo / Padre Pio (2000).

Many people come to get advice to the Master. Masters recommend to look for the individual way, urge to listen to the heart. People, exclaim: "Really it is impossible to tell directly, here your way, and here not yours?!" The master answers: "I know what your way. Way & #8212; to learn True love. But God gives us the most valuable - the choice". We have to be wise to make a right choice & #8212; towards the development.

The most important governed - to be honest with itself. Sometimes people choose a way of monkhood, but desires remain, at heart they regret for the choice, doubt. They try to collect will in a fist and to go on the chosen way. But desires have deep degree of a podmyvaniye.

Gurudzhi recommends to communicate with the internal Teacher also as we communicate with each other. Be attentive to what happens to you, listen. Meditation makes us more susceptible.

Subject of today's conversation & #8212; "Teacher and apprenticeship".

The love is an eternal value. Life will wind in one party, in another until we do not follow a spiritual way. It is possible to go crazy if not to understand life per se. It will be one continuous drama.

The problem of mind is that it looks for a way easier from the limited level. What choice would not be made by the person, the task - to transform negative qualities to divine and will learn to stay in love, to share it.

At some point of my way I thought: & #171; Why not to find the personal relations good luck? & #187; There Was a thirst it to learn. It is not simply formal to put a candle in church, and to feel God, to understand where He and as why I do not meet him every day and if I meet - why I do not learn. I began to ask questions. So my search began, cordial relations with Divine, as with the dearest and loved one in family arose.

Once, at the very beginning of my way there was a case. I had obligations to pay a certain sum of money. I studied and had no large income to which got used. We with my mentor sat in the car and on the question "What at Me Happened?", I burst out crying from helplessness and disappointment. He began to parade cheerfully me and with love asked: "Do you think, God left you? To care for all, and forgot about you? That experience which you pass now, this the best that It could present to you. Appreciate his care of you" & #8212; these words still sound at me in mind and heart.

Sometimes, in a despair rush we think: "My God, you could not something is better to think up for me? Why I here, these people surround me, this work?" Because God wants that we to Him came rather, to Him the attention was directed  For It is not present bad or good, It does everything for the sake of the children to bring closer us to It.

On the way of each pupil there are difficult moments when the mind tries to take everything under control and to depreciate experience and internal experiences. Certainly, on my way there were such moments too, but every time passing through certain lessons of the Teacher, I became stronger, wiser heart.

Nastya, what to do if the person has an aspiration to spiritual growth, but he does not know what to begin with?

The wisdom and Favour of Masters is boundless, They are always present with the pupils, not one second when the Master would not be near the pupil is absent.

1. Understanding: life of Yogananda / Awake: The Life Of Yogananda (2014).

The uninvited help can even aggravate a situation. Perhaps, the person does not see it also as you. He can think that you consider that at it something is bad, it has problems that in your eyes he is weak. The most valuable that can be done - imparts experience, to speak about itself. It inspires and supports. Give to people the chance to make their choice.

Whether the Teacher can direct the pupil in the choice of a way?

You want to go a family way - go, but give work fruits to God. You want to go to the monastery - go and serve. On the every way there is something that will move and develop.

Whether you had doubts in correctness of the chosen way?

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