Tourism in Belarus - the young industry, to us is where to grow, popular

Published: 11.1.2019
the tailor mikhait: tourism in Belarus - the young industry, to us is where to grow

179 thousand foreign citizens used a visa-free regime in Belarus. 1 million dollars is allocated for advance of tourist opportunities of the country. The gained income from tourism - 190 million dollars (for October of the current year), the expected income following the results of all 2018 - 208 million dollars.

4. Great Britain

On visa-free entry into the country of a position of leaders were distributed so:

7. Netherlands

10. Lithuania.

It is pleasant to note that in the expiring year Belarus was awarded sets of flatter titles. So Minsk was included, for example, into the three of "the cleanest cities of the world", won a title of "the most sports European capital", well, and at Russians Belarus traditionally - "the leader of all"!

1. Germany

2. Poland

5. USA

This year inflow of foreign guests grew by 9% - generally at the expense of neighbors.

6. France

The Deputy Minister of Sport and tourism Mikhail Portnoy spoke about it on December 11 at a meeting of a round table of the constant commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Republic of Belarus on health care, physical culture, family and youth policy.

At the moment in the country 1444 tourist organizations, 18% from this number - tour operators are registered. 208 thousand people are employed in the industry. So far tourism makes a small part of GDP - 1,8%, but it only the beginning.

3. Italy

Once the industry had no public financing at all, now about 1 million dollars are allocated for the marketing purposes in a year. It and maintenance of the National agency on tourism, both promoproduktion, and participation in exhibitions.

But is, certainly, in the industries and problems. Infrastructure is still insufficiently developed in the country, questions cause quality of services and level of service, we have certain problems from an aviation component, marketing efforts are not always technological. But, as they say, the first step is the hardest. Tourism industry in Belarus young, but, objectively speaking, development goes rather dynamically.

9. Sweden

The rating of domestic tourism is on a global scale still low - the 96th place from 180 countries. But, as told the deputy minister, tourism in Belarus - the young industry, to us is where to grow.

8. Latvia


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