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Published: 3.9.2017
solar eclipse in January

On January 6 on the Christmas Eve there passed the solar eclipse, the first this new year. It is impossible to call this eclipse simple as the point of a new moon was located between two rather rigid planets Saturn and Pluto.

For mysterious Scorpions it will be the period of the changes connected with their place in society. Scorpions should change the attitude to life and communication. The eclipse will demand from you flexibility and readiness for changes. Also this great time to buy the car if before you long decided on purchase.

& #169; Depositphotosskorpionnachinaya since January 6 in life of Scorpions will appear new acquaintances, the circle of contacts will extend.

This period can bring many pleasant changes, especially if you long and hard worked on the desires. However it is necessary to be especially attentive with desires because everything that Maidens will think at this time of, with high probability will surely come true! In general this eclipse promises more positive events, especially if Maidens are ready to work hard.

Family questions will come to the forefront. Changes in life of parents are possible.

And if you were going to begin training in something long ago: modern languages to learn to drive the car or to go to programming courses - now the period most favorable for this purpose. It is possible to expect someone's help and support in education, for example, of partners or the administration.

& #169; Depositphotosbliznetsybliznetsam should endure the period very emotional and full of deep feelings. The eclipse in the 8th house of Twins will concern many subjects. One of the main is a subject of finance, especially those which you receive from the outside, from other people.

& #169; Depositphotosrakzatmeniye will be on January 6, 2019 in the opposite sign of Cancer - the sign of the Capricorn therefore can raise before you the questions connected with partnership and the relations. Cancer will have an opportunity to get acquainted with that or that if representatives of the sign did not find the family happiness yet.

Therefore it is very important to record somewhere the main events of this period, and then carefully to analyse them and to think over a possible outcome. So you will be able to correct bad changes and to enhance effect of good consequences of this phenomenon.

& #169; DepositPhotos

& #169; Depositphotosdevasolnechnoye an eclipse will affect on January 6, 2019 the love sphere of Maidens. To you the attention from family will be very important and - be not afraid to ask favourite people about it. Also it will be creativity time.

& #169; Depositphotoskozerogprekrasnye Capricorns will especially strongly suffer influence of this eclipse. Perhaps, now you pass not the easiest period of the life, but act energetically and patiently. You can get support from some sources absolutely unknown to you: force and energy will appear from nowhere.

& #169; Depositphotosrybydlya of creative Fishes a solar eclipse will be on January 6 the period of understanding of the role in society. Perhaps, you will think of that, how sincerely you behave in team with others whether you express the identity and whether surrounding people appreciate you.

Not only eclipses, but also phases of the Moon have huge influence on the person! I suggest to study the lunar calendar of hairstyles for 2019 that the nobility in what day it is better to go to the hairdresser and in what it is better to cancel a campaign to the stylist and not to carry out any manipulations with hair. Surely keep: precisely it is useful!

Events which will be developed from the date of an eclipse and for several more months, considerably will affect each of us. Effect also the fact that there comes the period of a corridor of eclipses will have on a situation. The first solar passed on January 6, and the second - lunar - on January 21.

This eclipse will also be quite significant for Cancers. It as if prompts to Cancer that time to solve came. And a lot of things will depend on this decision!

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Fishes during this period can change a circle of friends (for example, new people will appear, old friendly relations will disappear for some reason). Also life can include new collectives which will change your way of life or interests.

Change of the status is also possible. This period will give start to that in the near future unmarried and unmarried Arieses found the happiness and got married to the person loving them. And that success overtook the Aries, you should not force events. Try to listen in everything to the intuition, it will definitely not bring!

It is very useful to make meditations during this period and to learn various affirmation (the short addressing and encouraging phrases). It will help you to calm down and find harmony in itself. Besides, similar spirituality - an excellent way to show to the Universe what you want and what you dream of.

Some will understand that their relations became toxic and will break off them, others, on the contrary, will feel that time to recover the life came, and will become more romantic, and the third can meet the true love.

The period between eclipses will be the most difficult and will incur for itself changes. But do not worry, changes - it does not mean badly, often the road to implementation of great and small treasured desires begins with them.

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Council of edition

Income will change, and to the best. There will be possibilities of new earnings and valuable purchases. And still, if you long thought of raising the prices of the services, now it is a high time to change tariffs.

At Capricorns the way to new life cannot but just begin. Remember that any road begins with the first step!

Events of any eclipse, whether it be solar, or lunar, have fatal character. And though some moments can seem insignificant, actually they set the general spirit to the future.

& #169; Depositphotosvodoleys at sociable Aquarius will begin on January 6 arrival of a solar eclipse the new period in private life. And it concerns not only free representatives of this zodiac sign!

& #169; Depositphotosvesydlya of Scales comes time of the changes connected with the house and family. Business opening at home, moving of family members, purchase of new furniture and even change of the residence - everything can take place during this period of your life.

The eclipse of the sun will change your relation to life and work. You should accept these changes in the life and also in time to make pauses and to have a rest. Sometimes it is worth allowing himself and to roll about on a sofa under favourite series much.

Angela Pearl, the astrologer and tarolog with more than 20-year experience, will tell you, dear reader as a solar eclipse in January will affect life of each of us. And also will advise as it is better to behave that changes became positive. Make a step towads to the dream!

& #169; Depositphotoslevchtoby is lightning to move to realization of the purposes, regal Lev should not forgetting about the health. The healthy nutrition, charging and positive thinking will help you to feel in the mornings well and to be active.

The solar eclipse coincides on January 6 with a new moon. It means that the person during this period can "program" the life not for a month (as at a usual new moon), and for all year ahead.

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& #169; The DepositPhotosТелец9th-y house - the house of a travel and expansion of an outlook - will have an impact on your outlook and in general on life. During this period it is good to go to trips, especially to those places where the Taurus already was. The new countries and the cities can please not too, and here well forgotten old quite will approach.

During this period there can be desire to create, create, dream. And on the advice of Angela Pearl it is necessary to give in to this rush and to drive away the uncertainty and complexes.

& #169; Depositphotosstreletsv January, June and December of an eclipse will be for Sagittariuses in the house of money. And it means that the subject of finance will come to the forefront. At the same time it is important to plan expenditure consciously, but not under the influence of the moment, accurately understanding why and for what you allocate money.


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