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Published: 9.2.2018
garden ivy

Recently my sister made for a week a business trip. In the day off she decided to walk on the city and accidentally got on an ecofestival. On such actions Irina not the frequent guest, but having visited there was very pleased. Besides, the sister got acquainted with one woman who told about this wonderful trick.

Also for washing of strongly polluted clothes can be added

to the washing machine of a little baking soda or cottage cheese soap.

Near our house there is a small shed all twined an ivy. The sister dug leaves from this plant and put them in the washing machine before washing.

Irrespective of, where do you live, the ivy is an ideal alternative and an environmentally friendly basis of means for cleaning of linen.

Tie a sock or a bag and throw it into the car with linen. After that just start the washing machine and let leaves of an ivy create the magic.

And though poisonous fruits created to it bad reputation, this plant actually is very available and environmentally friendly assistant in a household, in communication by the rich maintenance of saponin in it.

To compensate it, you can add a little vinegar when washing. However, its quantity depends on model of your washing machine. Therefore for achievement of the best result it is necessary to experiment a little with the correct dosage of vinegar.

The ivy on the properties reminds the Indian soap nut, or sapindus. However the last - a plant not from cheap. What is only costed by transportation of soap nut to our regions!

Many gardeners with pleasure hold several plants of this look at the house, and they have no skin reactions. Nevertheless, if you do not know how your organism will react to contact with a plant, just use rubber gloves.

You can save money and clean clothes in the environmentally friendly way, thanks to only several leaves of a plant which many consider a weed. And your neighbors will puzzle why you break ivy leaves.

The editorial office "So Simply!" prepared for you a fine alternative to laundry detergent, and for kopeks.

The ivy ordinary will not do harm to the person. Contact dermatitis will threaten only people with individual hypersensitivity to an ivy.

To begin to erase in such ecological way - take a handful of leaves of an ivy and tear off them from each other in core. Then place them in a sock or a grid bag for linen.

Curling, evergreen, densely braiding walls of buildings and trunks of trees - the garden ivy is known by all.

Soap nuts differ in the high content of saponin (up to 38%) - natural foaming agents. After washing these solutions completely decay in the environment, without polluting it.

I and mother were simply shocked with her such behavior! But, when process of washing was completed, we saw result of this trick and just were surprised, and the father told that he by all means will plant now such plant outside the window.

Recently demand for fruits of a soap tree strongly increased that led to rise in price of fruits of a plant and on its homeland, in India.

Not many know that the ivy contains practically the same quantity of saponin. At the same time this climber practically everywhere grows, and sometimes it is even considered undesirable in carefully well-kept garden.

However if for washing to use only ivy leaves, you will not receive the softening components for water which contain in chemical detergents.

In many poor areas Indians are not able to afford to use fruits of a sapindus any more. They erase chemical detergents which at hit in ground waters, pollute the environment.

Tell us in comments whether you have the secret of ideal washing. Also do not forget to share this opening with the friends in social networks!

For washing it is necessary to use only old leaves of an ivy which have saturated dark color. Young people light green for this purpose will not approach.


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