Rest with children samostoyatelnootdy on the island of Crete with children independently beaches and aquaparks, from our readers

Published: 23.10.2018
rest with children samostoyatelnootdy on the island of Crete with children independently beaches and aquaparks

The most convenient way of movement in Crete for family - lease of the car. In Crete there is a lot of private offices which are handing over a car, the affordable prices, roads fine. Rent a car on an arrival at once and the best way to learn all sights of Crete and its wonderful undercover corners will be available to you at once.

And having left a cave, just inhale! Inhale wonderful aroma mountain raznotravya - let Crete will be remembered to you by it. Take a detour on the Lassiti plateau by car. In the "center" it is the small museum showing traditional crafts of Cretans. By the way, among them there is also a processing of aromatic herbs. On the way to Lassiti do not miss a stop with the unusual small museum Homo Sapiens - excellent photos turn out here.

Many companies of Russia, including Aeroflot and Transaero fly to a summer season to Heraklion. Numerous charters as Crete is very popular direction of summer holiday are added to them. It is possible to reach a low season with change, first of all it is possible to pay attention to flights of the Greek airline Aegean Airline.

For children in Crete it is possible to find interesting entertainments too. First of all it is very worthy Cretan Aquarium (it is located near the route if to go to the East on the coast from Heraklion).

In Crete there is also one more airport - near the city of Hanya. If you decided to stop in the western part of the island, then it is worth looking for flights to Hanya - in the summer our charters from Russia fly and here.

Other unique excursion - a campaign through the gorge Samaria (it is the western half of the island). This biggest gorge in Europe, its length is 18 km. But walk between steep rocks takes about 8 hours therefore it is difficult to recommend it for children.

And, of course, aquaparks - what children's summer holiday without them! In Crete several aquaparks therefore choose to what is closer to you. Briefly we will tell about them, and learn details (the exact address, business hours and cost of tickets) on their websites.

These 2 aquaparks are nearby from each other. And if you have a rest with children near Hersonissos and solve - what of them to visit, then we will give personal opinion. The first is considered more tourist and untwisted. Locals prefer to visit the second aquapark. On personal impressions of visit few years ago of both aquaparks - the second was pleasant more (only IMHO).

But the main excursions in Crete - natural! Beauty of the island and its many-sided landscape is the best, this present! Not to repeat further, at once we will stipulate the question "how to reach" to all listed interesting places. Certainly, the best option - by the rented car. The road in Crete good, offices on rent there is a lot of, the affordable prices, indexes everything are. The second option - it is active to join excursions. You will be not so free in movements, but you will be brought anywhere. By buses or other type of transport it is convenient to move only between the cities, but not to investigate wonderful corners of Crete. But we will return to excursions.

Perhaps, the natural and mythological excursion, most interesting and informative for children, is a visit of Plateau Lassiti and Zeus's cave. It is located in the "center" of the island, to the south than approximately halfway between Heraklion and Agios-Nikolaos. The winding serpentine of the road will bring you to the village where according to indexes further you will climb above a mountain slope (for absolutely ailing to services conductors with burros).

If to compare the West and the East of the northern coast of the island, then the West is considered noisy and youth, the East - is quiet - respectable. On climate more damp air & #8212; on the western part, east it is good quiet gulfs, it is delightful picturesque hills and majestic mountains.

Specially we will not list churches and monasteries which there is a set in Crete. These are not excursions. Just you come into those which will be prompted by your heart.

At an excursion for a start it is possible to go to the capital of Crete Heraklion. There we recommend to visit the Knossos palace - its well-known frescos leave a bright impression, to pass on the embankment with the Venetian lions on walls of strengthenings (Venice long time was an empress of the Mediterranean Sea), to come into churches.

Surely visit the different cities of Crete - each of them has the unique feature. So, Retimno reminds the small streets Venice (as it was constructed at the time of her dominion in Crete). Agios-Nikolaos will strike you with the deep round lake in the downtown. And Iyerapetr - the most southern city of Europe - will meet by the splendid beaches of the vicinities and the purest water of the Libyan sea, more transparent and salty, than Aegean. (A personal impression of the author of the website - the Libyan sea very much was pleasant! It places which should be chosen for the quietest relaxing rest, but is better nevertheless not with children).

Crete, of course, is suitable for a noisy youth party more, but also here it is possible to find the nice hotels successful for family holiday, and at the beginning of a price season here do not bite at all. Besides, in Crete of amazing beauty the sea, the sun not roast, but landscapes very different and beautiful.

On the island of Crete weather allows to have a rest already since the end of April as it is the southern region and water here gets warm much quicker, than in the rest of Greece. The main difference of Crete from other islands of Greece: here the softest and suitable climate for the child, it is possible to have a rest up to November. Here children will derive a lot of pleasure from visit of aquaparks and taste of remarkable dishes of the ethnic cuisine.

Where to live in Crete - a question not difficult. If you did not reserve hotel or the apartment in advance (see article How to rent apartment independently), then to find housing on arrival will not be a problem, especially if you at the airport lease at once the car. In Crete a lot of housing is leased - just go on the route to that party where you want to live, and look for plates of "room for rent" or similar. Though during a high season and in the presence of children it is better not to risk and reserve housing in advance.

Here - an entrance to a cave Dikteon Andron in whom according to legends the Supreme god Olimpa Zeus was also born. (In a cave it can be cool - take with yourself something from clothes more warmly for children). Descent in a cave (150 m) not really abrupt therefore on such excursion it is possible to take also younger school students. At the bottom of this mythical cave there is a lake through which it is possible to pass on the bridge and to photograph stalactites.

If to use services of numerous travel agencies, then it is possible to reach for one day the island of Santorini known for the unique sign landscapes (white buildings, black volcanic sand).

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Beaches are both sandy, and pebble everywhere - it is necessary to learn specifically more precisely from the description of the place which you looked after for accommodation on the island of Crete with children. Beaches generally all municipal (private hotel beaches are not enough). It is worth explaining that though Crete is in the Mediterranean Sea, washing it from the North of water call the Aegean Sea, from the South & #8212 here; Libyan sea.

Crete can conditionally be divided into two parts - northern and southern. The capital of Heraklion is just approximately in the "center" of the northern coast. Therefore northern part more resort and noisy. Southern - emptier and silent, with imperceptible modest otelchik and amazing beaches of the Libyan sea.


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