Popular : whether the visa and the international passport to Russians at a trip to Azerbaijan is necessary a season of 2019

Published: 29.9.2018
whether the visa and the international passport to Russians at a trip to Azerbaijan is necessary a season of 2019

It is possible to be in the country without visa 90 days, but if there is a wish to remain in this country for longer term, it is necessary to write the application. It is necessary to address to embassy, or consulate of the country during stay.

Azerbaijan attracts tourists in all planet with the unique culture, sights developed by infrastructure. However it is worth understanding that when crossing border of this state additional documents can be necessary. First of all there is a logical question & #8212; whether the visa to Azerbaijan to Russians is necessary.

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Russia-Azerbaijan will be possible to make customs transition without problems if you did not decide to take out from the country some forbidden things, such as:

Thus, entry into Azerbaijan possesses certain rules. If the tourist studies them, it will avoid unpleasant and awkward situations. Visit of this country will be incredibly interesting and will bring only positive emotions.

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Embassy of Azerbaijan in Moscow: Leontyevsky Lane, 16. Phone number: (495) 629-43-32 can contact employees. Additional information is provided on the official site of www.azembassy.ru.

If the foreigner is going to study or work in this state, the visa needs to be received.

The document within a week is processed, its cost varies from two to four thousand rubles depending on training term.

In certain cases the visa to this state can be necessary. This question before a travel should be studied in more detail.

Business. The business visa is necessary during the working business trip and also at employment in this country. In embassy it is necessary to provide:

It is necessary to address for receipt of a visa in embassy. Documents have to be filed personally, or according to the notarized power of attorney.

To avoid awkward situations, it is recommended to study rules of entry into this state in advance.

The document of 8-10 days is processed, its cost varies from three to four thousand rubles. The visa can last up to one year, for this purpose the foreigner addresses to embassy again;

the capital of the state stands special attention. Read about sights of Baku in this article.

To study and work in this country, not the visa, but special permissions is necessary. The visa to citizens of Russia is made out extremely seldom, their stay in Azerbaijan is possible also without this document.

The visa can last up to one year and more if necessary. Its cost depends on duration of stay in the country, on average reaches two thousand rubles. It is possible to receive the document within 8-10 days. If load in embassy small, it is possible to receive the visa quicker;

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Contents: Whether entry into Azerbaijan for Russians the visa and the international passport Is necessary? Crossing of border with children stay Terms in the country and how to prolong them? Restrictions of the Visa to Azerbaijan Who needs the allowing document? Types and rules of registration Customs rules

You watch video about customs transition to Azerbaijan:

Guest. The guest visa is necessary for visit of the relatives living in this country. In embassy documents which confirm related bonds are provided. It is also necessary to provide:

Persons who have no Russian citizenship need the visa, but live in the territory of the Russian Federation. The visa and to Russians who are going to be in the country more than 90 days is necessary. However it is possible to do in this case and without visa, having filed a petition for extension of stay to embassy. The second way appears the simplest.

If the child is more senior than 14 years, he drives on the territory of the country by own international passport. Children of younger age are registered according to documents of parents. It is also necessary to take with itself the birth certificate of the child. In this case in the international passport of the parent there has to be information on the child and his photo.

Because of political differences with some countries, at entry into Azerbaijan restrictions are possible:

If you travel by plane, then study in our article rules and baggage allowance in a cargo compartment.

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For the first time can prolong a trip for one-two months, and at the repeated address for one year. In this case the residence permit is made out.

It is a little more difficult to cross border if the child goes to a travel not with parents. The third parties have to have at themselves the notarized power of attorney in which it is said that parents agreed to the child's travel with this person.

It is better not to touch upon a subject of the conflicts with neighboring countries. Also just you should not even speak about a trip to Nagorno-Karabakh or Armenia.

Kind of strangely it sounded, but without special permission it is impossible to take out carpets from this state.

For visit of Azerbaijan the visa is not necessary to Russians. Up to 90 days they can be in this country without visa.

As well as in any other country, in Azerbaijan the requirements and rules of import and export work. It is forbidden to import:

Experts allocate several types of visas:

For a trip from Russia to Azerbaijan, only the international passport is necessary, only by the Russian passport it is impossible to cross the border. The hotel booking confirmation, the health insurance are not necessary.

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