of 20 abrupt ideas for a decor from usual bottles, a novelty

Published: 29.12.2017
20 abrupt ideas for a decor from usual bottles

Each of us houses for certain will have a collection of empty glass and plastic bottles. As a rule, we get rid of them, including them unnecessary stuff sooner or later, but whether so it actually? We chose for you 20 ideas which prove that this material perfectly is suitable for creativity.

Such support is convenient to

for those who prefer that jewelry was always near at hand.


Such containers can be used both for storage of various trifles, and as a gift box.

Additional ware will never be superfluous, especially glasses - they often break.


Wind music

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Jewelry for a garden

Original containers on a lightning


Such flowers can be used for children's hand-made articles and decoration of beds.

Flowers from plastic bottles

One of ways to occupy the child is to make together with it the galaxy in a bottle, and even a little.

Birds feeder

The secret of these candles is that they contain essential oil of a tsitronella, and mosquitoes hate its aroma. Thus, you quietly will be able to have supper by candlelight in the fresh air.

If at you the bottle from under whisky was overlooked, you do not hurry to throw out it. It still can quite be useful.

A support for jewelry

Festive lamps

From glass and plastic bottles remarkable vases turn out.

The galaxy in a bottle

By means of simple manipulations it is possible to make "wind spirals" of plastic bottles - ornament for a garden which will flutter on wind, to please a look and, perhaps, even to frighten off feathery eaters of strawberry.

It is possible to make nice pots for flowers of plastic bottles.

One more ornament from bottles for the house or a garden.

A dispenser for liquid soap

Of course, it is the simplest to use a plastic bottle for these purposes, but if you have time and desire, then it is possible to try to make a feeding trough of a glass bottle.

Who could think that it is possible to make bright bracelets of an ordinary plastic bottle!

Of course, it is not absolutely a photoframework, and rather original way to place your favourite photos. But why not to try? It is not difficult to make at all.

By means of a garland and dressing of a bottle turn into elegant lamps.

Candles for scaring away of mosquitoes



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