Is updated: salad the mistress with beet and carrots, and still the recipe for the winter and other options of a dish

Published: 25.9.2018
salad the mistress with beet and carrots, and still the recipe for the winter and other options of a dish

From vegetables it is possible to prepare many different dishes including salads. We suggest to consider recipes in which the combination of carrots and beet is used. It is possible to prepare both from fresh, and from boiled vegetables.

should take

For this recipe of salad with beet and carrots such products: on 0,5 kg of carrots and a svekolka, according to 1 h to a spoon of vinegar and olive oil, 0,5 h a spoon of salt and lemon juice, and still parsley.

Reliable information when the name appeared, no. It is only possible to assume that men take such great pleasure from this dish, as from a meeting with the mistress. The prepared ingredients will be enough for 5 portions. The dish simply and quickly prepares. As meat is not a part, the dish can be considered vegetarian.

One more option of tasty salad to which the apple gives to freshness. Depending on that sweet you will use apple or not, the total taste of salad will differ. If you want to receive a dietary dish, then replace in the recipe mayonnaise with sour cream.

For this dish from a boiled svekolka take such products: 3 carrots, radish, 2 beets, 2 apples, 4 eggs, bulb, salt and mayonnaise.

Prepare such products: 250 g of cabbage, 0,5 h a spoon of granulated sugar, 1 h a spoon of vinegar of 9%, on 2 bulbs, a svekolka and carrots, a garlic segment, salt and vegetable oil. If you want to receive juicier taste, then use more garlic.

We will consider one more recipe of tasty salad which is suitable for the vegetarian menu, and for others it will become excellent easy addition to meat dishes. If desired everything can be divided on banks and to close for the winter.

To make Mistress snack, it is necessary to take such products: 250 g of beet, 200 g of carrots, 100 g of cheese of firm grades, 2 segments of garlic, on 55 g of prunes and dried apricots, 3,5 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 2,5 tablespoons of walnuts.

This recipe includes such products: 300 g of fast pork, 3 big carrots, big beet, bulb, vegetable oil and 100 g of mayonnaise,

If you watch over the health and a figure, then pay attention to this dish. It is possible to call it just vitamin bomb. The prepared ingredients will be enough for couple of portions. If desired you can add, for example, paprika, cabbage, etc.

Preparation steps:

wash root crops, clean and dry. For a start be engaged in carrots which need to be rasped, and then to fry on the heated oil to a soft state. In this way it is worth preparing also beet, but to do it it is necessary separately; wash pork, dry and cut thin bars. Meat needs also to be fried on oil, having added salt, pepper and spices. Prepare before formation of a rumyanost. Cut the onions peeled from a peel on 4 parts, and then ringlets, but very thin. Connect all ingredients, add mayonnaise and mix. We presented you several beet and carrot salads which have improbable taste and huge advantage.

Preparation steps:

Preparation steps:

Now we will consider more nourishing option for which meat is used. The dish turns out very tasty and fragrant. Everything from available ingredients prepares. It is not recommended to use too fat meat as the dish will be heavy for a stomach.

For this recipe for the winter prepare such products: 2 kg of beet, on 1 kg of onions, sweet pepper and carrots, on 250 ml of vegetable oil and vinegar of 9% and also 100 g of sugar.

If to replace in classical option mayonnaise with sour cream, then the dietary option will turn out. It is recommended to prepare just before giving as from vegetables juice which spoils appearance are emitted.

Preparation steps:

Preparation steps:

Preparation steps:

There is a huge number of the options suitable for the daily and festive menu. Let's consider several popular recipes.

In the winter very much there are not enough useful substances, but there is one exit - to make preparation of fresh vegetables. Let's use available and very tasty vegetables. The fine dish which can be given also to guests for a holiday, and to relatives on standard practice of food will turn out.


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