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Published: 21.1.2018
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Yesterday watched the film shot by Timur Bekmambetov "Is especially dangerous" with Angelina Jolie in one of leading roles.

1) What you want to learn in the course of the game CASH FLOW?

Answers to these questions are necessary, first of all, to you.

Really, my dear reader, tell "How many it is necessary money for happiness? Personally to you?

How quickly You are ready to answer this question? Answers of type "the more the better" are not accepted

They will channelize you your movement, will pull out you from senseless run on "rat race" of vain life.


The movie grossed several honeycombs of millions of dollars. It is necessary to tell Timur is able to remove spectacularly - remember at least his movie Night's Watch.

2) How many it is necessary money for happiness? Personally to you and your family

A name (obligatory)

read my article, How many money to you it is necessary for happiness? here

I very much like to ask EACH comer the question "Why You Came Here" before Robert Kiyosaki's game "Cash flow".

Therefore think before coming to our First Moscow Kiyosaki-club over several "clarifying" questions:

At least for some time...

Struck me, by methods, how similar with me, long and very painfully asked Wesley Gibson at the beginning of the movie "Why Did You Come Here?"

Seldom who gives intelligible answers from the first and from the second too.


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