How to make home-made ice cream, from our readers

Published: 27.7.2018
how to make home-made ice cream

At our place there is a tradition: every weekend I prepare something tasty and I please children with unusual delicacy. We adhere to healthy food and we try to limit consumption of sugar, but once a week we indulge ourselves tasty.

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Do you think for preparation of ice cream the ice-cream parlor is surely necessary? At all it is also not necessary, we told recently how to make home-made ice cream in chocolate without ice-cream parlor. Such yum-yum!

By means of the mixer or the blender mix cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk. Shake up weight until it does not become uniform. & #169; Milk and once again properly shake up Depositphotosdobav to mix. The homogenous mixture without lumps. & #169 has to turn out; Pour Depositphotossmes in molds. I prefer forms for cakes, but it is possible to take any capacities. Put ice cream in the freezer for 5-6 hours.

It are various goodies, but most of all children like my home-made ice cream from condensed milk. And today "So Simply!" shares this recipe with you.


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Did you like our simple recipe of home-made ice cream? Then surely tell about it to friends.

Children love store ice cream, but we have a recipe of amazing banana ice cream which will force them to forget about purchased ice cream.

Ice cream turns out very gentle and tasty and also well freezes and on consistence reminds the real ice cream. It is possible to improve the recipe, having added nuts, jam or it is a little cocoa.

If cottage cheese granular and firm, is the best of all to grind it through small is full that there were no lumps.

I leave ice cream in the freezer on all night long, so we receive delicacy directly by a breakfast.


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