How to grow up a harvest of vegetables and fruit from the remains from your table, a selection

Published: 25.1.2019
how to grow up a harvest of vegetables and fruit from the remains from your table

In the course of growth of a tree it is necessary to try to obtain uniform formation of krone. For this purpose it is necessary to turn periodically a plant that it was evenly lit with the sun and also to prishchipyvat the long escapes and branches sprouting deep into kroner.

At first on a bottom of a pot or wide and not really deep plastic capacity with drain holes the layer of small expanded clay 2 centimeters high keeps within. Over it in advance prepared soil is filled.

Jumping of pepper to the soil happens in two stages. First the sprouted seeds give all the best in small grooves or poles and are slightly powdered with the earth. You keep capacity in the warm place, periodically spraying the earth with water. When at plants two full-fledged leaflets are created, it is possible to start the second stage - a sword-play.

The stones taken from fruits are washed with warm water and are located in the humidified soil on two-centimetric depth. It is very important not to allow drying of sunflower seeds! The quicker they will be put, the it is more than chances to receive viable shoots.

At the beginning sensitive seedlings especially need the damp and warm environment. To support the necessary mode, cover capacity with a polyethylene film. After emergence of the first 3-4 present sheets it is possible to remove a film and to seat the strengthened saplings in separate pots. In order to avoid damage of a root system lemons are transferred together with an earth lump.

The basil breeds a cherenkovaniye therefore the small piece of a stalk with leaves can give to a new plant rise. To start several shanks it is necessary to place in the container with water so that leaves remained outside, on air.

The very first step - preparation of sunflower seeds by a protravlivaniye in manganese solution (1%) within 20 minutes. After disinfection seeds need to be washed carefully with water, to spread out between two pieces of damp cotton fabric and to put to the warm dark place before emergence of the first sprouts. Do not forget to moisten periodically fabric not to allow its drying.

Ready seedling, to be exact the strongest shoots, change in individual pots with a capacity of 2-4 liters everyone. As pepper - very photophilous plant, is extremely important to place capacities on sunny side of the room, at the window or on a loggia.

Cut off stalks or leaves so that to leave whole the basis of a bush or a head of cabbage about 2,5 centimeters high. Place it in a cup with clear water that in liquid there was only a radical part of a scrap. Now change water in capacity each two days.

After a week from vegetable preparation green sprouts with young leaves have to seem. When it happens, land your celery in in advance prepared soil so that on a surface there were only green escapes.

Within 7-14 days stalks will put out thin root limbs then plants can be planted in a pot or in a box for seedling. The greens ready to the use manage to grow on average in 40-50 days. One such bush can regularly supply you with fresh leaves for 3-4 months.

Independent cultivation and harvesting of natural sources of vitamins and minerals is not only fascinating occupation and economy of the family budget. The house mini-kitchen garden will allow to enrich a diet with vegetable food in which with guarantee there are no poisonous components applied at the large agricultural enterprises.

In winter time and in the early spring a diet of inhabitants of northern regions suffers from the shortage of fresh greens as a natural source of vitamins, minerals, cellulose and other useful substances.

To receive the fructifying tree in house conditions, it is necessary to stock up with patience as lemons grow rather slowly. As soil it is the best of all to use the ready soil for a citrus which is on sale in specialized shops.

Both fresh, and slightly faded garlic gloves will be suitable for receiving juicy green sprouts. At the first stage heads of garlic, unused in food, need to be divided into separate cloves and to put in a package. Five-seven days later from them green sprouts and young backs will appear. After that safely land cloves in soft soil, sawdust or sand on depth of 2-3 cm of Distance between the next cloves has to be in limits of 1-2 cm

Within the first year the plant is replaced by two times, selecting the capacity of the bigger size. In the next two years lemons move to a new pot once in 12 months. After achievement of three-year age the tree is considered the adult, and it is enough to be replaced every three years.

Hot pepper - rather unpretentious plant which fructifies both on the open ground, and in house conditions in a usual flowerpot. It can be grown up from the seeds collected from the used pods.

To solve this problem, grow up vegetables, fruit and greens in house conditions. And for this purpose you do not even need to buy seeds or seedling! It is possible to grow up a harvest absolutely free of charge, quickly and with little effort, using those cleanings and stones of the vegetables and fruit bought in shop which you usually throw out.


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